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OT- Help...How do you get liquid foundation out of jeans???

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My Lancome liquid foundation fell and broke on my floor splattering foundation all over my favorite jeans. It was like I poured it on my pants, and the foundation soaked through and through.

I tried shout, tide as a pre-treat, scrub brush, dawn, ran it through the wash 3 times. What the heck is in that stuff that I can't get it out!

Help me save my favorite jeans. What do you suggest??

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Pixie Jo1323481768.573511 PostsRegistered 7/4/2009

As you can see, foundation is a really nasty stain. I'm not sure that it does come out, but I would try Biz as a pre-soak (overnight) in warm water, then added to your detergent, along with a half cup of Borax, and run thru the regular wash (alone). Good luck!

Pixie Jo

topazzz1323482028.3832096 PostsRegistered 5/24/2010WI

Ohhh, liquid can be hard to remove, esp if it is oil based. Dawn dishsoap works well as a pre-treat with cold water on the area. It may need a few repeated tries. I would try that and then go with what Pixie said. But if you don't pre-treat, it may set in even more. Best of luck with it.

EstyWA1323482128.7171578 PostsRegistered 11/7/2011
Clorox color safe bleach leave it on the stain for a few hours dump some hot water on it and scrub the heck out of it with a toothbrush then wash alone in hot hot water with Clorox color safe bleach,oxy clean and detergent. Works like a charm

I Teach Too1323484569.28711790 PostsRegistered 7/14/2007Eastern Iowa...If you build it, they will come.

There is an old fashioned laundry bar soap called Fels-Naptha. It can be hard to find; I can only find it at HyVee in our area. It takes out darn near anything.

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baby burns1323489098.1878793 PostsRegistered 12/9/2007

why not take it to the cleaners, that is what i do, i check the stains, if i think i can not get it out, i have them dry cleaned. it also keeps your jeans look nice too. my cleaners has always been able to get my stains out.

Qvie Victo­riah1323489501.2371028 PostsRegistered 1/9/2008St. Louis, Missouri
On 12/9/2011 I Teach Too said:

There is an old fashioned laundry bar soap called Fels-Naptha. It can be hard to find; I can only find it at HyVee in our area. It takes out darn near anything.

this, plus your quote, made me think "hey, is she a long lost twin?" LOL Fels is awesome.

I use it to rub out the stain. be careful with any rubbing or scrubbing though, as it will rub the color out of the jeans. Also, there is the dry-cleaning kit at your local grocery store that has a liquid with a bottle with a dropper at the top, and it has a pad that wicks the stain away. it WORKS. My family gives me items if it is stained and seeming beyond repair, and this is always in my arsenal!



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ChouChou1323491532.82350 PostsRegistered 4/21/2008

Well, this is just a thought but I would try one of the makeup removers like Clinique's Take the Day Off. It dissolves makeup on your face. Maybe it would work on your jeans.

Edit: I would also put a clean old towel to grab the makeup as it loosens from the denim fabric.

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VaBelle351323491938.8910870 PostsRegistered 11/19/2004VA suburbs of Washington, DC

I feel your pain. I got the tiniest TINIEST dot of the Philosophy tinted moisturizer on my white turtleneck and I used everything mentioned (chlorox pen, tide pen, fels naptha, etc.) and I ended up with a yellow ring with a makeup spot in the middle :\

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