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Has anyone tried this?? A neighbor is thinking about selling this. I had never heard of this line, but looked it up on Makeupalley and Beautypedia (Paula's site) and some of the products received high marks.

I was wondering also, if this was like Mary Kay where there is pressure to recruit new consultants? (I quit using MK due to some of the tactics of the consultants).


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59251321498622.761993 PostsRegistered 1/3/2006

I used their foundation for several years when I was younger (about 15 years ago).

It was a cream foundation that was used with a sponge and I LOVED it. My skin tended to get redness and this covered it beautifully.

An acqaintance was selling BeautiControl and she never pushed it to me.

Oh, and their lipstick was very nice also -- very creamy and color stayed on.

Of course, this was some time ago.

I would suspect that it is like MK or Avon, etc. where sales people are in business for themselves yet have a manager they "report to".

daisysmom091321499168.66126 PostsRegistered 8/29/2010Texas

Dear Swedishmiss-

It has been many years since I have used Beauticonrol but before that, I used it for 26 years straight! The only reason I quit was that we moved and it was hard for me to find a consultant to buy it from. That was before you could get things on the internet. I was obviously very pleased. I did not go back, because I became acquainted with the shopping channels when they first started carrying skin care products and makeup and I wanted to try everything back then. The company is very much like Mary Kay and are a competitor of theirs with both headquarters here in the Dallas area. But Mary Kay is much bigger I think. But I was always very happy with their products and by now, I am sure they have a huge line. Back when I used them you could go to a party in someone's home and try everything. It was fun. Not sure how they do it now.


Sister Gol­den Hair1321500024.8615343 PostsRegistered 7/18/2008

I have a friend who has been using it for years and loves it.

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BornAgain1321654226.7871316 PostsRegistered 1/5/2006

Ive used it before. Its nice. Back when I used it about 25 years ago, it was done only by a consultant going to someones house and having a party. They kept pushing products on me and asking me to consider being a consultant. That didnt go over very well with me as #1, I dont like anyone pushing things on me and #2, Im a quiet person in general and am not into having to talk to people to sell things. Nowadays they have it on the internet and you can order anything you want without even having to talk to anyone {#emotions_dlg.biggrin}

watermelon­611321722673.473329 PostsRegistered 4/16/2010

I used this BeautiControl make-up over 20 years ago. I didn't realize that they were still around. The make-up was similar to Mary Kay products. I think that they will try to get you to sell for them at some point. That is one reason I gave up on them and MK.

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