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Avon Reversalist Night Sterling Emulsion cream

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Has anyone tried this? I would love your reviews and feedback on this product. TIA


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Blondelle1316478344.7874338 PostsRegistered 8/4/2007

I used itfor awhile. It's a gel more than a cream. It's supposed to be more moisturizing than their night cream, but I found it lighter. I was using it in the daytime too. Had some very nice firming from it. It's a nice product. They just came out with the Platinum emulsion which is firming and contouring for older skin. I'm using their Genics night cream now and it's quite impressive.Might use the Sterling emulsion with it for the colder weather or try the new Platinum emulsion.

Homebody11316478772.0331897 PostsRegistered 7/23/2005

I've got trial sizes in the night emulsion and use it different nights as I have so many different products. The reversalist product that I LOVE is the serum. My face is silky soft when I put it on. I almost hate to put anything else on over it and usually don't. I also like the platnum products. I'm still in my fifties and they say its for 60 & older...I figure it can't hurt. So I can't really pinpoint which product(s) is giving me results since I alternate between them. Haven't tried the genics yet. I quit selling Avon and so I can't get the demos anymore.

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