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Calista Tools Hair Mask

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This was my second purchase from Calista Tools. It was also my second disappointment. I love the way my hair looks when I use the WEN ReMoist, but I hate that I have to wash my hair, leave the mask in for half an hour, and wash my hair again. Who has time for that? So I went for this one as soon as I saw the presentation. You put it in dry hair, leave it on for ten minutes, and wash it out.

Well, it smells rather minty, which is fine, but when it dries it hardens, which is not the most comfortable feeling. It was difficult to wash out, and I have fine hair. Can't imagine how it would be on thick hair. Yikes! And when it was all washed out? Well, my hair felt stripped. It was tangly, and while I was tempted to spritz it with a leave in, I wanted to see how it would turn out without any additional product.

Um, not good. It was a bit fuller looking, but it tangled as I dried it, tangled as I styled it, and tangled more as I drove to work. It feels rough, too. No more Calista products for me.

I miss recess!

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beauty que­en1312366810.47298 PostsRegistered 1/11/2008

I agree the same experience for me. Fine hair also and it did nothing and felt dry afterwards. Mine went back!

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