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O/T Please help..need suggestions for 5yo boy and 7yo girl birthday gifts

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I know it's last minute but I need to go out and get them today.I was thinking books?

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lovestotea­ch1311967756.36315293 PostsRegistered 1/2/2009DFW Metroplex, Tx

Being a teacher and having an "educator" mentality at heart, I'd say books would be great. My opinion is that kids benefit from "toys" that challenge their brains -- and reading develops imagination, etc. long term.

Lovestoteach~ ~ ♥ ♥♥

VCamp27481311967968.4877362 PostsRegistered 4/20/2006

I heartily vote for books, too. Or gift cards to a bookstore, so the children can pick their own books. Unless that would create more problems for the parents (like wanting other things that cost more than they have to spend).

Sure wish you were my friend on my birthdays. I love getting books & gift cards to bookstores!

imaclothes­hog1311967987.75722314 PostsRegistered 2/12/2006

GIFT CARDS!!! {#emotions_dlg.thumbup}

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Iwantcoffee1311968100.072821 PostsRegistered 11/28/2006

I think that's a great idea! I love giving books!

codywhitney1311968138.02618 PostsRegistered 6/20/2007California

Thanks everyone! Those were the 2 exact things I was thinking of!

jewelsluvs­beauty1311968141.9072474 PostsRegistered 1/18/2009

as a mom of 5 & 8 year olds, I love educational gifts too!! I also have given money as a gift to kids that age and THEY LOVE IT, and you don't have to go to the store!! Or maybe put a couple of dollars inside a book.

Aunt Oly1311968190.941152 PostsRegistered 5/21/2011

Girl - monster High Doll or Squinkys

Boy - transformer or cars action figure

jewelsluvs­beauty1311968207.7672474 PostsRegistered 1/18/2009

for 7 year old girl crackle nail polish

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