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I was at Starbucks the other day and commented on how white the cashiers teeth were.

He said he used baking soda and peroxide.....

what do you all think?


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Love Roses1310181193.90311905 PostsRegistered 1/10/2007

Don't know about the barrista but from time to time I do what was said. I also use natural or so-called Tom's of Maine along with hydrogen peroxide. It works for me. It's less expensive than the white strips and whitening practices. Fine results.

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goodstuff1310181298.59317154 PostsRegistered 11/11/2008

I love the clean feel of my teeth when I brush them with baking soda! I usually do this each morning, brushing first with soda, then rinsing with a commercial mouthwash containing peroxide, then brushing again with a fluoride toothpaste. So fresh! My dental hygienist said this is fine as long as you don't brush too often or too harshly with the baking soda.

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beauty jun­kie1310183265.678657 PostsRegistered 11/1/2006Ft Laud

Toothpaste with baking soda is fine but not twice a day.I worked for a periodontist for a long time and he always recommened crest or colgate or sensodyne for teeth that were sensitive.He was against people mixing their own version of peroxide and BS as we have seen chemical burns from the peroxide.If the measurment is off slightly the peroxide burns the buccal muccosa.There are so many new toothpastes out now for whitening so I would try one of those.Just make sure you do use fluoride too.

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Blondelle1310185857.3834337 PostsRegistered 8/4/2007

Be aware that peroxide used in the mouth is a carcinogen. A dentist told me not to use it for that reason. Peroxide generates free radicals.

RzzleDzzle1310189719.22941 PostsRegistered 7/1/2011A beach in Cali

I think it's too abrasive for everyday. JMO.

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Spunkyspou­ts1310190140.8837307 PostsRegistered 11/19/2008miami

it is the active though in the same products sold here for lots more. Dentists sometimes just think we are too dumb and can not be trusted to not over do it, and maybe they want to protect thier profits. I say go for it with a light hand and see how it works for you.

Nunu4u1310190177.88755 PostsRegistered 9/22/2006

My husband has brushed with baking soda and peroxide for 25 years. The hygenists always comment on how great his teeth are...then are horrified when they find out how he does it. {#emotions_dlg.rolleyes} It certainly works for him. No cavities to speak of.

annabellet­hecat1310190370.46717365 PostsRegistered 9/23/2006
I use it at night because I have something wrong with me that makes my mouth so dry that my tongue stops working. I worry about the bacteria caused by a dry mouth.

violann1310214028.9813918 PostsRegistered 12/12/2004
I can't use Tom's. Too strong or irritating.

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AngelPuppy11310214566.449280 PostsRegistered 5/26/2008

I would think that this would be a very abrasive mixture and would worry about damaging the enamel. Also, if you have sensitivity issues, I wouldn't do this. If you've been doing this and have had no problems, then I guess o.k. But with all the problems I have, I wouldn't risk it! There are a lot of good toothpastes out there that have whitening properties and I would just stick with them.

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Qgirl1310214726.7574167 PostsRegistered 4/20/2005

Did you ask him what type of toothbrush he uses? My teeth are whiter when I use my sonic tooth brush plus I haven't had a cavity in ten years, which is how long I have been using it. I also whiten my teeth with a professional gel and trays once a month. My dentist recommended peroxide and baking soda years ago, but I can't get past the taste.

Vamp1310215093.3913148 PostsRegistered 3/9/2007

I have a friend who's mom uses this combo. I asked my sister, who is a dentist, what she thought. She said it is too abrasive to use regularly.

As for dentist's protecting their profits, I can assure you that all the dentists I've ever known (including my sister, dad, cousin & many family friends) would all rather see someone with perfect dental hygiene than what my sis refers to as people with "garbage mouths".

Shelbelle1310215308.7136477 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004

Peroxide is the key ingredient in all tooth whiteners that I know of. Baking soda is abrasive and helps to erase stains. I use Colgate Oxygen Bubbles toothpaste, has both baking soda and peroxide in it.

millieshops1310215556.3316661 PostsRegistered 3/15/2007
On 7/8/2011 angelsareout said:

it is the active though in the same products sold here for lots more. Dentists sometimes just think we are too dumb and can not be trusted to not over do it, and maybe they want to protect thier profits. I say go for it with a light hand and see how it works for you.

angels- How would advising us not to do this protect their profits? No dentist I've ever had work on me tried to sell me toothpaste. But I do agree with your idea that if you're going to mix your own paste, go lightly.

I'd also add - know that your enamel is in good conditionto start with because the combination is abrasive and corrosive in heavy quantity. That, I know, is my dentist's fear. We do have a "more is better" mindset in our country, but not in this case. And not for little kids please.

painting l­ady1310216430.5972 PostsRegistered 6/20/2011

My husband has been doing the baking soda/ peroxide ritual for more than 30 years. his teeth are pearly white, breath is always fresh & gums are healthy. When he goes for a cleaning, the hygenist goes through the motions & tells him that he really didn't need a cleaning. It is about the cheapest teeth whitening regimin around.

He rinses for about a minute ,then follows with brushing with a baking soda/salt mixture that he keeps in the medicine cabinet. Works great!

Margo Chan­ning1310235043.48313619 PostsRegistered 11/29/2007

I use them 3-4 times a week. While they can't WHITEN teeth that aren't white to begin with, they can BRIGHTEN them.

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Subject1310235429.72711269 PostsRegistered 2/24/2007

please be careful with peroxide. Although it can whiten teeth- the peroxide can cause the tissue cells in the mouth to regrow and regrow- possible leading to oral cancer in people who may have right oral environment to have oral cancer. I am not saying that using it will cause oral cancer- just that if you have the right conditions - peroxide COULD cause the cancer to grow faster. I use to use it until I did some research on it. Take this info for what it is worth and do not come down on me for sharing the knowledge.


Chichimo1310237875.45373 PostsRegistered 6/3/2008

I've been using baking soda with my toothpaste for years! And I use it with both my regular and oral b electric toothbrush. Never tried peroxide, though. Anyway it's cheaper and safer in my opinion and it doesn't burn your gums like some of the dental treatments can.

birdmama1310239159.82713778 PostsRegistered 3/24/2009Michigan

I starting using less regular Crest and more Crest whitening and just let me say - my dentist asked me what the heck I had been doing (and not in a good way). When I told her what I was doing and that I wondered why it seemed like there was a little tissue sloughing afterwards she said - you're having a reaction. She then said that dentists are finding that some 'whitening' toothpaste is having bad effects on folks gums.

So... I am back to regular crest and a couple of times a week, I sprinkle a little arm and hammer baking soda on it for a boost.

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puglet11310240079.7831938 PostsRegistered 3/31/2011

Many moons ago, I was a hygienist. We learned in school that baking soda was simply too abrasive to enamel for use on a daily basis and peroxide can damage gum tissue (and, of course, be harmful if ingested). My personal feeling today is that it's ok to use one or the other, or both, on a limited basis - maybe once a week, but certainly not on a daily basis. If you have thin enamel to begin with, using baking soda/peroxide can be very problematic. More important in preserving tooth enamel is to avoid brushing too hard and to use only a soft bristle brush. So, like others have posted, if you are using a bs/p mixture, do it with a light hand.

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