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Nails: Short or Long?

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I was just watching Deborah Lippmann's presentation on the southern station & they were discussing how shorter nails are in vogue these days. I guess that's good news for me because mine never get too long without a little help. Still, I don't care for the super short ones. Mind you, I don't like super long either. Ideally, I like my nails just a tad beyond the tips of my fingers. Which do you prefer? Short or long nails? Or somewhere in between?

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PA-RN1309866214.433415 PostsRegistered 5/10/2011

I like slightly long..BUT I have to have short for my job.So I keep them short .I am not allowed to wear polish on them either so I buff them shiny.

StylishWom­an1309866424.72765 PostsRegistered 11/25/2009SW FL

I love nails that are maybe a 1/4 inch or so long. Alas my gardening chores take its toll on my poor nails.

lyn in MI1309866624.9824816 PostsRegistered 4/29/2007SW Michigan

I keep my nail tips approx 1/4" long. If one breaks, I file the balance of my nails down to that length and wait for them all to grow back out. Fortunately, I seldom break a nail.

I keep my nails buffed, and it's very rare that I apply polish. I think polish looks best on shorter nails.

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Reiss19801309866635.3078218 PostsRegistered 4/15/2011Central NJ /Freehold// Long island NY

{#emotions_dlg.sad} Short.... I type for a living!{#emotions_dlg.sad}

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millieshops1309866780.9716656 PostsRegistered 3/15/2007

Short - even years back when I had acrylics, I kept them short. My nail tech loved me - said I had the easiest nails for her to do. Now I have natiural nails and they're always short - genetics this time, not fashion although I do like that my nails are kind of fashionable once again.

MaLove1309866908.24770 PostsRegistered 6/21/2007Sunny Florida

Although my nails grow long and strong naturally, I prefer short nails. Short like if I'm looking at the palm side of my hands, I don't want to see the free edge of my nails to show above my finger tips. I keep them short and nicely manicured and change my polish often. I just love wearing trendy polish colors and find that (for me) it works best on short nails.

Iwantcoffee1309867651.383138 PostsRegistered 11/28/2006

I prefer short, natural nails.

Irshgrl312­011309868766.43317143 PostsRegistered 3/14/2006

I wear my nails like Holli Mordini. I love my nails like this and I have worn them like this since before I knew who she was. I like both dark and lighter polishes and I love this length, I can't imagine wearing them much longer than this. I think they look really chic and nice. My boyfriend loves my nails like this. He always says they look clean and professional looking.

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momcat1309869012.516707 PostsRegistered 9/12/2010

I'm changing my mind about having long nails. For the past year and a half I have been taking biotin and using Nailtiques and my nails have grown long and strong. I have to keep them filed down, and they are still too long. Even gardening couldn't break a nail. Now, I've decided that my long nails interfere with many things. Typing for one thing. Always having to back up and correct typos. Using skincare products is another. I'm tired of poking myself in the eye. I'm going to trim them down, but I definitely don't like the short stubby look. I had to purchase a new pair of clippers because my old ones would not cut these strong nails. I guess a good problem to have, but why is it that once we get what we want, we still find fault with it? I've always wanted long nails, and now I'm done with it. At least I've had many months of looking down and admiring my beautiful nails! I'll miss them, but I have a life beyond beautiful nails.

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Sue from W­arners NY1309869158.0931478 PostsRegistered 10/13/2009Warners, NY (NY=Taxed to Death)
Short - I work with patients

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Girlo1309870286.272949 PostsRegistered 1/20/2007

short and neat

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C and C Fo­rever1309871506.231572 PostsRegistered 3/21/2010

Actually, I like longer nails--always have, but shorter is more practical for using the computer. For me it is more from a practical standpoint rather than to be in style. I keep them just a tiny bit longer than the tip of my fingers and they look nice with polish or just buffed.

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ladyroxanne1309873704.02711022 PostsRegistered 3/25/2008northern ca

i like to wear the darker polishes and that calls for shorter nails. also, i don't care for long nails on myself, but can appreciate a longer nail on someone else. if they have beautiful hands.

queenbea1309875678.23653 PostsRegistered 3/30/2008

For many years I had long, long nails(always natural). As I have grown older(45 now) I just feel like the longer nails are not flattering on me anymore. I now keep them short but not super short. If I hold my hand palm side up, you can just barely see the tips. I enjoy keeping them polished. I still wear only traditional colors-pinks,reds,beiege,lilac etc. I just can't bring myself to try the greens, blacks, neon colors etc. that are available. I am really enjoying reading this thread and seeing what everyone else likes!

Krimpette1309875926.7711269 PostsRegistered 9/7/2007MidAtlantic

Short and buffed. No polish.

expatgal1309876448.7635748 PostsRegistered 4/22/2005

This is a HUGE pet peeve of mine. Not only do women get stuck in the '80s with their hair and makeup, but their nails age them as well! No one wears the long nails anymore. They are so dated. Not square, squoval, or pointed!!! A good example of perfect modern nail is Ann King. All 10 nails the same short length, perfectly shaped, looks great with pale or dark polish. I cringe when I see the QVC fake nails anymore. LisaR, LeahW, even Shawn. Plus, they almost always need a fill-in.

lulu21309876613.4323258 PostsRegistered 8/1/2007

Mine are usually about a 1/4" in length. I have small nail beds and any shorter and my hands look like they belong to a 10 year old boy. Personally I think very short nails are not flattering. I understand that in many professions it is a necessity.

Skylands1309877255.2576667 PostsRegistered 5/30/2010

Love short nails! Polished or simply a clean looking top coat only.

Cranberries1309877358.1710969 PostsRegistered 4/14/2009

Slightly shorter but not so short there is nothing there, just a bit of white. I think super long nails are dated, especially if they're acrylics.

Sorry. {#emotions_dlg.blush}

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naturalfan1309878172.6974434 PostsRegistered 1/27/2009

Short and neat - I wear all colors of polish too, both light and dark. I get pretty regular manicures and just about everyone there has shorter nails. I live very near a college campus too so there are lots of young girls and they seem to keep theirs short. I like the look of dark polish on shorter nails although right now I am wearing sort of a beige nude shade.

austxmama1309880301.1197 PostsRegistered 5/19/2011

Play the cello, gotta keep them super short.

Ali-G1309890211.3247 PostsRegistered 6/16/2011

Short, not beyond my nailbed, natural - change my polish about every 3 days, either very light or dark. (deepest burgandy, or a raisin color - no black, though!) Doesn't matter what season, just depends on what I feel like wearing!

Pearlbaby1309890930.5836340 PostsRegistered 12/2/2009

I like mine to grow to the tip of my fingers. Just a little white showing that way they are all the same and look neat.

OCGurl1309891135.1977560 PostsRegistered 8/2/2007Palm Desert, CA

Short, love dark colors, but am enjoying a sheer pink this past week

danni rose1309893439.3732552 PostsRegistered 5/14/2011

i don't know how anyone works technology today with super long nails.

i wear mine short. no acrylics either.

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