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My eyes look lifeless & sick - I could use your tips to bring some life to them

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I hope someone can help me! My eyes used to be my best feature and got so my compliments, but I am having many health problems and it's showing in my eyes! I'm not feeling that well, but I'd like to try to present a better picture to the world if I can. It would make me feel better, too, to see some life shining in these eyes when I look in the mirror! People are starting to comment also that I am looking unwell and my eyes look dull and lifeless.

Can anyone here give me some simple tips and maybe some product ideas and colors that I could use to help brighten or give some life to my eyes?

I am very fair with pinkish tones, age 58, skin is very sensitive and a tad dry, my eyes are bluish green. I am beginning to have bluish circles under my eyes, but no bags (thankfully) and very few lines. I'm looking for tips regarding concealer - products, colors, applications, eye shadows, colors, applications, or anything else you think that would brighten up the eye area so that I do not appear sick looking and wan!

Thanks so much!

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gardensla1309786461.3220633 PostsRegistered 9/7/2006Los Angeles, CA

First, I'm sorry you're having some health issues and hope you are on the mend soon.

Second, if your Dr. agrees, I strong suggest you increase your intake of vitamins, especially the B's. You will better quickly and that will likely show in your face and your eyes. You might also ask him about some eye drops which will make the whites of your eyes brighter.

Last, I love the Laura Mercier line of tinted luminizer products, especially this one with SPF. It makes my face glow and the companion eye luminizer is made for the undereye issues you discuss.

Be well!

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Jennifera1309786882.563876 PostsRegistered 7/1/2011

1. If you have sparse eyebrows, then fill them in with a pencil a shade darker, A86343. Eyebrows can make all the difference in your face for a more youthful awakened appearance.

1a. Use a primer ( if you want) like Laura Gellar Spackle to make your makeup last, or you can use a finishing spray like Benefit cosmetics.

2. Add some concealer to the under eye area: IT cosmetics, A249542 is my favorite because it matches my skin perfectly and never comes off. Make sure you blend up towards your orbital bone.

2a.. If you feel your under eye needs more help before concealer, use a corrector, A315770. Bobbi Brown has a good one.

2b.. Kiehls has a product called Eye-brightening concentrate ( a duo w/ line reducer A204001 ) I swear by this stuff. It will really help dimish discoloration and any dark spots under the eye in two wks.

3. Tarte has a great foundation, Make Up Forever does as well. If you mix that with MAKE UP FOR EVER Uplight Face Luminizer Gel A218959, or any type of Luminzer it will bring a glow to your face if you mix it with your foundation. Tarte has a waitlist available for A218577, which is their foundation, brush and finishing powder in one.

4. You can then apply a finishing powder such as Tarte A245414. Finishing powder ( it is all natural) or It cosmetics A212347.

5.Using a all over eyebrush (doesn't matter what brand) Mac Cosmetics has a good one #239, apply taupe or champagne colored eye shadow to eyelids, up to eyelid crease, A165927.

6. Apply a light white eye shadow to area of eye under eyebrow and in inner corner of eyes to open eyes up, A165927.

7. If you want to apply eyeliner: Holding the outer corner of the eyelid taut, apply a thin line of liquid or pencil eyeliner to upper lash line, tapering line off at outer corner of each eye, A317566,.

8. Apply now your mascara, Maybellene, Tarte: Light, CAmera, Lashes, but Maybellene is a good affordable alternative.

9. You can add a lipstick or lipgloss, or lipstick with lipgloss over! Usually all brands are great, but a nude, light pink, mauve would probably look great on you, A314606.

** This is just the basics ^^

10. If you want to add blush, apply it to the apples of your cheeks in a circular motion working your way up to your cheekbone. Make sure you blend upwards. If you feel it is over powering you can always buff it out. A212773, this is Tarte's blush it is great for pigment and staying power. You would look good in Tipsy, Dollface, Glisten, blushing Bride. Make Up Forever has a great cream blush A218960.

11. If you don't want to use an Luminizer with your foundation you can use it afterwards on the bridge of your nose, upper lip, cheekbones above your blush if you wear any, and anywhere else you want to highlight your attributes, Tartes A214468.

12. You can apply a bronzer lightly to contour underneath your cheek bone with a fan brush (Laura Gellar) Apply it wear the sun would naturally hit your face for a more natural look Bobbi Brown has a nive matte(w/out shimmer) bronzer, A165013.

13. Clinique's all about eyes is great for moisturizing your eyes before makeup. I use Kiehls

A73020 Kiehl's Since 1851 Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado, and/ or Bobbi Brown A204568, Extra Eye Repair cream. For all over face you can use Kiehls A203994, whatever you feel comfortable with. Make sure it has SPF!

** You can add these steps if you want ^^

If I forgot anything let me know and I will help you, but remember your health is more important then your looks! Smile

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Harpa1309786976.7738252 PostsRegistered 6/28/2007

I know you're thinking of dressing up your eyes more from an outward point of view, but you already know that it's your health thats reflecting in your tired-looking eyes. That should be your wake-up call for health improvement. You didn't mention meds, but they can certainly take a toll on the body--its organs and appearance. Load yourself up w/ antioxidants -- raw fruits & vegetables; red, white, green teas; Vit/min supplements. Try to keep non-nutritious food to a minimum.

Keep your eye area moisturized. Gently exfoliate the fine line area. Use light-reflecting brightener/concealor - (like Ooo-la lift from Benefit, or the Touche Eclat). Stay away from darker colors (especially underneath eye) and build your lashes w/ mascara. Get plenty of rest.


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ItsME1309787442.9273774 PostsRegistered 5/1/2008Sunny South Florida

AngelPuppy, I'm sorry that you are having problems, and hope you feel better soon!

I also always felt my eyes were my best feature, but without makeup, I can no longer find them on my face. I'm just a year younger than you, and am fair, but with yellow undertones and dark hazel eyes, so I'm not really sure about the best colors for you, but will try.

I would start with a good concealor. You might want to try a color corrector for the blue... I think orange works for that, and I hear that Bobbi Brown has one. I don't use a color corrector (although I might look for one I can use) because I'm allergic to many products, and most that I'm not allergic to don't stay on my face. I could use one, though.

As for concealers, Bye Bye Undereye is pretty good. I've been using it for several months, but it's too neutral for my coloring, It might might work well for you. Try the fair. The only word of caution is that halfway through the tube I use, the color seemed to separate from the liquid. I'm making it work by mushing it around in the tube, but I find that to be annoying.

Just ordered the new Tarte concealer, and am hoping I love it, but don't have it yet, so I can't comment.

Bobbi Brown does make a very nice concealer that comes with a setting powder. It looks great on, but doesn't last on me, so I wouldn't buy it, but my sister loves it. It works well for her, so it might be worth a try.

None of the products I've written about should be a problem on dry skin.

Next post... liners and shadows...

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happy hous­ewife1309787469.0934389 PostsRegistered 1/4/2007

I would think the best thing you can do ios to make every effort to be as healthy as possible. It would seem to me that the healthier you are the better you will look. I have been fortunate to get off some medications lately and it makes such a huge difference in the appearance of my skin and recently my pastor said he was so glad to see my "easy smile" had returned. He had actually noticed that I hardly smiled any more.

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annabellet­hecat1309788468.9117377 PostsRegistered 9/23/2006
Gardensia had some good ideas about vitamins. I swear by vitamins! I have always taken them and I am soon 65 years old. My mother had eyes that "danced" they were so amazing! She wore no make-up. Now my daughter says to me, "Mom, your eyes are like Grandma's". One of the few compliments she gives me. Anyway, first and foremost talk to your Dr, but I think if you get a few really good vitamins, it will help amazingly. Just try this...OK?....here goes. First curl your eyelashes then put on some good mascara (I only use Maybelline waterproof) but they are all good. (Third just try an eyeliner). I understand why some people might not like an eyeliner. I now like to line the "inner rim). Mainly all you need is to curl and put mascara on your eyelashes. Also it helps to put on a tiny bit of something that will highlight your cheekbones. I like Laura Geller's blushes. It is quick and easy to put on her stick blushes. When you are home try different things. I like to play with make-up when I am at home. So, I am going to summarize: Curl eyelashes, put on mascara, maybe put on thin line of eyeliner (either inner or outer rim) (very thin if outside eye), and finally put on a little blush. It will brighten you up and make you feel good even when you feel terrible! If I were you I'd also like to suggest that you maybe should read some books that get you away from thinking so down and about yourself. Read some uplifting books. I do and it helps me. Good luck honey, just try what I said, what do you have to loose?

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ItsME1309788522.4933774 PostsRegistered 5/1/2008Sunny South Florida

With liners and shadows, I need bright products.... nothing too neutral, and no blacks or browns. That said, the right shade of brown might work for you because you have blue eyes. But I need color, and you probably need something brighter as well.....

Urban Decay has some wonderful eyeliners (24/7) and shadows in great colors. You just have to be sure that the ones you get don't have glitter in them... some do. Don't be afraid of what the color looks like in the pan.... Applied with a gentle touch, they don't have to be outlandish on. At any rate, Rockstar is a great liner color it's a dark eggplant color. I also love stash, but it's a dark green/gold, and I don't know how it would be with your eye color. Binge, a navy blue, and Underground, a metallic taupe might be beautiful on you. They have some great shadow palettes. I see they have one called Dangerous that has a small Rockstar pencil and six nice shadows... only one looks like it's glittery (black). This set might be very nice for you, but again, I'm reluctant to recommed colors.

One more thought.... the Tarte TSV from Saturday is still available on waitlist for the fair. This might work well for you, if they get it back in stock.

I hope you found this somewhat useful.

Good luck to you!

ETA.... I forgot the mascara! Still looking for my HG. The Tarte LCL makes my lashes fall out. I like a plum color on my lashes.... again, it brightens my eyes. Benefit has one, but it's pricey. You can get some colored mascaras at the drugstore. Just don't know what to recommend.

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Blondelle1309791353.0174337 PostsRegistered 8/4/2007

Why not treat yourself to a makeover at Bobbi Brown or another good brand. They are free and the makeup artist can address your issues. You can also use a brighter lip color to brighten your face and a shade with a touch of shimmer such as a champagne color to brighten the eyes. Try an eye drop to bring back some sparkle and maybe a bit more mascara. Add some highlights to your hair to brighten up your skin tones. All this will give you a much needed lift to your spirits as well as your looks :-).

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ItsME1309795198.933774 PostsRegistered 5/1/2008Sunny South Florida
You also want to be sure to have some color on the rest of your face ... that's one reason I like the idea of the tarte kit for you....

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Quinny1309808590.422711 PostsRegistered 1/21/2009

Try a peach colored or flesh tone liner on your waterline. GloMinerals makes a nice one.

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author1309813605.4734615 PostsRegistered 7/3/2005

Great suggestions. I agree with many, and would say to avoid black or brown in shadows/liners. Navy or plum eyeliner and a champagne or even seashell pink shadow would brighten eye area. A good concealer is wonderful, as is a "brightener" - I just got the new Eye Brightener pen by Bobbi Brown and it made a huge difference. It also plumps up dry skin under eyes.

Don't underestimate the power of a fresh burst of color on cheeks and lips to make your eyes look brighter - some shimmer on lips is nice too. Peachy/pink lips and cheeks would look great on you.

A Bobbi Brown or Clinique makeover would be a real treat.

Hope you feel better soon; I've been in your situation and I think making yourself look better on the outside helps you feel better in the moment and get through the long haul of improving your health. Best of luck.

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Vamp1309814926.47313155 PostsRegistered 3/9/2007

Sorry about your health issues, AngelPuppy!

There is a great Benefit kit at Sephora called "Confessions of a Concealaholic" that includes "That Gal" brightening face primer, "Boi-ing" Industrial Strength concealer, "Erase Face" brightening camouflage for eyes and face, "Lemon-Aid" color correcting primer and "Eye Bright", a pink perk-me-up stick to brighten eyes-- all for $36.
I use Eye Bright under my brows and in the inside corner of my eyes--really wakes 'em up. I also use Lemon Aid sometimes all by itself on my eyelids when I am looking especially tired. Love both these products.
I know they sell Benefit at lots of other spots, including Macy's. Good luck!
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AngelPuppy11309864037.5239280 PostsRegistered 5/26/2008

How kind of you all to take so much time to post all these tips and products for me!

I am taking medication and will be starting even more (scary). So, I know this is taking it's toll on the way I feel and look - eyes, skin, hair - you name it! I do take vitamins and supplements and try to eat well.

It's just that you know, ladies, when you don't feel well any way and then you look in the mirror and that image looking back is pretty scary, it does not make you feel any better!

I am sorting through your ideas and trying to figure out which things might work the best for me! I am a minimal kind of girl. I don't really do well with blush as I have some redness to my checks any way. I do need some help with eye brows, though - this might really help. And I really liked your idea about getting someone to do a makeup consultation - maybe at Clinique? Surely they could help me with the dark circles and maybe some shadows that would kind of light up the eye area a little, don't you think?

Any way, I just want to thank you all! You're the best!!

"A day without sunshine is like, you know, night." - Steve Martin.

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Vamp1309865898.06313155 PostsRegistered 3/9/2007

Is there a Sephora near you? (Some are located within JC Penney.) That is a great place to try make up since you can mix and match products from different lines & there is no pressure.

I strongly urge you to look at Benefit Lemon-Aid and Eye Bright since they are products specifically designed to perk up tired eyes.

Best of luck to you AngelPuppy! I had skin issues on my face for about two years a while back & I know how disheartening it is to look in the mirror and not like what you see. Hang in there--this, too, shall pass.

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Brandiwine1309873162.2172736 PostsRegistered 11/9/2006Colorado

If you feel up to it, go out early one morning and take a short walk. Listen to the birds, watch the bunnies, and enjoy the flowers. Take several deep breaths. I was in a great deal of pain a year ago. It was very hard for me to walk, but I did. When I started my day this way I was able to appreciate the things around me and I got some fresh air. It helped lift the depression I had. Finding things that make you smile or laugh have an amazing affect on how your eyes and can help them sparkly some. On the external side, I have been using the African Black soap and my skin is glowing. Hope you start feeling ASAP.

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Brabls1309874201.66314740 PostsRegistered 4/27/2007

Health, nutrition, and interest/wonder at world affect how my eyes look.

MU can accent. But unless I have my pain managed, eating & living healthy, and interested in the world, my eyes don't loo0k goopd. All the MU in the world won't fix it.

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Katmary1309878654.3871724 PostsRegistered 4/24/2006

Angel Puppy,

I just lost the long post I did, darnit! I have ongoing, bad chronic pain (nerve issues) and couldn't believe how out-of-it I looked after some time! One Clinique item I was thinking of for you would be their yellow neutralizing powder for your redness. I think they have other items for redness, but haven't been there for some time.

Some of this will be repeated as others have the same or similar ideas. My skin tone's light olive/golden, so I usually end up looking sallow, so I use a light bronzer for that. I'll stick mainly to the eyes as that was your main concern. I do well with a somewhat bright peach or a golden tone on my lid. The pinky-peach tones for blush seem to brighten my face, and I often will sweep the leftovers on my lids after putting a golden or bone tone on the lid first. Basically, when you thick of a compact with light, medium, and dark, the dark is usually one I skip.

Concealer's a must, the undereyes definitely show the exhaustion from pain and insomnia. I don't wear mascara on the bottom lids- even with concealer, it seems to bring out the darkness. If an eyelid primer would help brighten the top lid, that's something to consider. With liners, I don't use black or dark brown, sometimes purple if I'd doing better, but in general, will only use in the corners or maybe on the top with a- bronze in the corner.

A bronzer that will give you a healthy glow vs. actually darkening you would look great too. You said you want to keep it as minimal as possible, so just take what you can use from all our posts and experiment, and just do what works for you, then share of course!{#emotions_dlg.biggrin} One last thing would be eye drops for your eyes- I use them for allergies, but mine also get red from insomnia, so if I didn't use prescription drops, I'd use Visine to brighten them. Last, eating as many veggies and fruits seems to help me with having a bit more energy, and it also tends to brighten my face too.

Good luck and I hope you're feeling better as soon as possible. {#emotions_dlg.wub}

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AngelPuppy11309949678.339280 PostsRegistered 5/26/2008

I really appreciate all the concern you've shown and the tips! I know many of you have conditions that you suffer from, too, and I hope that you find ways to have brighter, healthier, happier days! It's easy to get in a rut when you're busy any way, and then when you're tired all the time, even harder to put forth the effort. I'm trying to use some of your tips to see what will help. The important thing is not give up, right? Smile

"A day without sunshine is like, you know, night." - Steve Martin.

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Vamp1309952200.81713155 PostsRegistered 3/9/2007

Amen, sistah!! Never give up the fight!! One day at a time, one day at a time...

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Deb7771309963933.7176929 PostsRegistered 6/25/2005

maybe try curling your eye lashes and adding some nice mascara to them like lancomes or mallys.. then a little eye shadow.. I buy mine at any drug store called shimmering sands made by covergirl.. very nice, will brighten your eyes..

also maybe a tiny bit of the highlighter from that same eyeshadow I mention above right on the inner corners of your eyes , just a slight touch of it.. that will deff brighten your eyes.

I hope you feel better .. and hope my tips helped.



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puglet11309966694.0971939 PostsRegistered 3/31/2011
I have exactly your coloring, AngelPuppy1. My eyes are large, round, and have that sad dog look, so I'm always looking for tricks to perk them up! I think a yellow-based concealer would counteract the blue circles under your eyes. (I don't have circles, but bags, and I love Genie) You can try a blue pencil to line the inner rims of your lower lids on the outer third only. This will whiten the whites of your eyes. Also, like Vamp and others suggested, a dab of white highlighter on the inner corners of your eyes (to open up the eyes) as well as on the brow bone. Definitely fill in your brows as they really frame the eyes. I think the one eye product that makes a huge difference in my "pretty factor" would be mascara. I use Wet N' Wild products, especially their pencils. It is a very inexpensive brand in Duane Reade, CVS, Walgreens, etc. Good luck and feel better!!!

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expatgal1309967342.075753 PostsRegistered 4/22/2005

Sorry, but makeup on tired and "sick" eyes is similar to putting pink icing on molded cake. I encourage you to get some exercise - nothing major, just walking outside, absorbing some Vit. D for 30 minutes a day. Hydration is so important and lack of it will show bigtime in your eyes. Try and drink 8 glasses of water each day. Last, SLEEP! Lack of sleep always shows in and around your eyes, especially over 40. They don't say "eyes are the windows to the soul" for nothing!

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noposting1309967680.2273577 PostsRegistered 11/18/2005
If you like Bare escentuals, they have a product called well rested that is great as long as your skin tone is fair to medium. They also have a kit at ulta right now called Bright and beautiful which is great for perking skin up.

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Deb7771309967912.8236929 PostsRegistered 6/25/2005
On 7/6/2011 expatgal said:

Sorry, but makeup on tired and "sick" eyes is similar to putting pink icing on molded cake. I encourage you to get some exercise - nothing major, just walking outside, absorbing some Vit. D for 30 minutes a day. Hydration is so important and lack of it will show bigtime in your eyes. Try and drink 8 glasses of water each day. Last, SLEEP! Lack of sleep always shows in and around your eyes, especially over 40. They don't say "eyes are the windows to the soul" for nothing!

great post ! Start from the inside out ....

again, Hope the op feels better.



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