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Need Full Coverage Foundation!!!

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Could you please tell me of a good full coverage foundation that you have tried? I tend to prefer department store brands.I never had good luck with the drugstore brands they seem to break me out or the color is all wrong.I have combo skin with an oily t-zone so I need something with staying power.Thanks for your time and answers!!

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azgal1307417385.171357 PostsRegistered 7/31/2007arizona

I like Clinique Repairware. I was amazed at the coverage I got when the salesperson tried it on me. The first time I wore it my hubby actually told me how pretty I looked and belive me after 40 years of marriage that doesn't happen too often.

My skin is dry so I can't address the staying power on your skin type but it stays on all day for me. I do use a primer, though.

Hope this helps.

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babyb1307417565.9834721 PostsRegistered 12/3/2006SD

I can see MakeUp Forever Mat Velvet + being perfect for you! It totally meets your requirements. A very good drugstore dupe of this one, in my opinion, is Revlon Colorstay Mineral Mousse. They are alike in many ways......the price difference might be all you notice.

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Lannie1307418816.0772205 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004

The 2 I use most often are Illuminare (concealing liquid mineral foundation) awesome stuff and Merle Norman Total Finish. They both are full coverage.

Just remembered you have some oil, Illuminare also has a more matt one. It actually comes in 3 finishes.

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Marcee461307420708.043689 PostsRegistered 9/23/2007

I highly recommend MAC. They have a cream in a compact called Studio Tech. It gives full coverage, buildable, long lasting and gives a natural look. They use to have a stick but I believe they have stopped making it. The new one I just bought is very good and is a mineral cream foundation. It is called Mineralize Foundation, SPF15. It also comes in powder. MAC has so many different foundations, I really think they are worth a look.

Dior is another one that has a wonderful cream foundation which is also buildable.

Bobbi Brown has a stick foundation that gives great coverage.

IMO, the best foundations for full coverage are a cream. They are buildable which is great since a little goes a long way. Just use a light hand when applying any type of full coverage foundations so you get the full coverage you want and still look natural. Now with all this said, I am sure alot of BE users will say they get great full coverage!


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CaitlinLov­esCosmetics1307427759.587624 PostsRegistered 5/1/2007Here!

Estee Lauder's Max Coverage is serious full coverage!

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Scottish L­ady1307430371.62344 PostsRegistered 10/11/2007

I rarely post but had to share my find. About 5 years ago I would never consider any foundation but Lancome. They changed their formula and their lightest shade didn't match my skin anymore and their new formula didn't cover my rosacea. I have porcelain skin about as light as you can get so every red blotch is so noticeable. I was desperate and one day while in a big box store... bought a bottle of Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse. I can leave it on all day and into the night and it stays just as I put it on that morning. They have lots of shades and it matches my skin perfectly and evens out my skin. The side benefit is it is only $7.00 a bottle and lasts several weeks. I told my dermatologist about it on my next visit told me her other patient with rosacea were very happy with it too. It works all over my face from the oily areas to the dry. {#emotions_dlg.biggrin}

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route 71307444900.3071000 PostsRegistered 1/29/2011

Nothing compares to Estee Lauder Double Wear. They will give you a sample at the counter. I have tried everything; Mac, Nars, MUFE, Chanel, Clinique etc and IMO this is the absolute best.

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laurachipp­ewa1307445072.49370 PostsRegistered 7/2/2006

I agree- Estee Lauder makes the best full coverage foundations- either the Double Wear or the Total coverage one. I actually like to combine them.

I have to wear full coverage every day so believe me I know......

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Mustangshar1307445440.8338401 PostsRegistered 12/7/2006Chicago Burbs
Maybelline Dream Matt ? Thanks, that sounds like a good thing.

Sharon :)
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CosmeticDi­va1307449546.667396 PostsRegistered 10/15/2008Colorado

Estee Lauder double wear.

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cookie51307450332.8873850 PostsRegistered 11/15/2007Texas Hill Country

Another vote for Maybelline - both the Dream Matte in the bottle and the Dream Smooth Mousse. Also like MUFE.

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kba1307454096.543 PostsRegistered 5/2/2011
I really like Tarte's clay based full coverage foundation with the big brush. I have very dark brown spots on my face and the Tarte foundation covers very well and looks flawless.

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Nascardiva1307454702.576600 PostsRegistered 6/27/2005Maryland

Estee Lauder Double Wear Maximum Coverage.

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beautybust­er1307454990.8831072 PostsRegistered 8/20/2007Newbury Park, Ca.

Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse!!! its my fav. I try other lines even the high end ones and always come back to this. I use to use Channel foundations but they kept changing their formulas. This is full coverage and you can layer if you just want lighter coverage.

Good luck!!

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RedConvert­ibleGirl1307455075.91314993 PostsRegistered 9/3/2005Pacific NW

DoubleWear is the bomb!{#emotions_dlg.thumbup} I am on my third bottle - that says a lot.

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hungarian41307455137.7231423 PostsRegistered 8/28/2010

i AM 59 YRS OLD and use estee lauder futurist....it makes my skin look better than ever !!!..you apply less or more to your taste...been using estee lauder...also if they still have check out the country mist shades as well...check out at estee lauder website..show different coverage...have fun!!.......BUT GO TO COUNTER AT ESTEE LAUDER...LET THEM give you samples....fyi...I bring 7 day pill holder and let them put generous samples in each section for me...moisturizers etc...or at another cosmetic counter like eliz arden etc....note color and brand..impossible to get samples out of those little vials!!!..last time i tried mineral makeup etc....had a ball when i got home !!

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AIMY1307465234.803483 PostsRegistered 2/11/2011

i keep trying different ones

1-benefit-hellow gorgeous it goes on like a cream but in seconds it feel like you have nothing on your skin. i did the 1/2 face test and wow it covers. also you can build without any cakeyness.

2-models perfer-now called ybf. it was the older formula in model perfer and it is in a silverpan with 3 different colors and you can find it on ebay very cheaplike 5 buck. it was a concealor but i can use it as an all over face foundation. it is so creamy,it just gides on without the no make-up look too. can bulid coverage with out cakeyness.


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nailgirlxo­xo1307591622.647303 PostsRegistered 2/1/2008

Revlon Colorstay- combo oily formula. Nothing has ever beat it IMO. For me it covers and lasts as well as MAC Studio Fix Fluid, Tarte Full Coverage, Este Lauder Double Ware, and Clinique Even Better.

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Funloving1307593445.6078347 PostsRegistered 3/4/2007

Purple Lab Silk Sheets Cream foundation. Can be used as a heavier foundation.. very flexible.

Like4 sleeping in fine silk sheets!

<h2>Ingredient Details</h2>

Silk Sheets™ is sophisticated luxury, evoking the sumptuous feeling you have when you're sleeping in – yes! – silk sheets. This Paraben-free, fragrance-free foundation is more than make up. It's skin care - anti-aging, super hydrating, and skin firming at once.

Each ingredient melds to give you the smoothest skin. The finest Silk particles lock moisture to give you a creamy look, while Hyaluronic Filling Spheres bind water to increase moisture levels and fill lines and wrinkles, leaving the skin soft and supple. Cotton Seed Oil binds water to the skin by forming a barrier on the skin's surface, adding extra hydration that lasts through the day and Marine Algae replenishes the liquid barrier to optimize the skin's moisture. Instalift Goji®, a natural based peptide that combines protein and Tibetan goji berries, visibly lifts and tightens the skin within an hour of application. A dose of kelp, a known anti-aging property, works to provide an immaculate complexion. And it will NEVER dry, cake, or flake! Your skin will look contoured, ageless, immaculate.

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