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Underarm odor and wetness

Started 1307073567.04 in Beauty Banter | Last reply 1313947016.95 by underarm

I have serious issues with this in the summer. I am pretty sure I have tried every stupid deoderant out there and none of them work for me. If I find one that works...in a week or so it stops working. I have tried the ones you apply at night and even te crystal ones. Does anyone have a trick they use to control the odor and wetness that isn't deoderant? TIA

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rini1307086289.183568 PostsRegistered 11/15/2010

No recommendations that aren't deodorant/antiperspirants, but I just switched from Dove Clinical Protection to "normal" Degree Motion Sense that just came out, and I find that better than the Dove. Degree's also got a clinical protection in the motion sense that I'm waiting to try until I use up this non clinical one. Would think that since the non clinical one is really good w/ the wetness issue, the clinical one would be even better. Non-clincial is in the $3-4 range depending on store, so it might be worth a try. Also, Target has 2 different "gift" packs going that have the motion sense in them. 1 has the normal size & a smaller travel size free and the other is a 4 (or 5 pack, can't remember which) of slightly larger than travel size, but not full size regular ones & 1 of the motion sense. They're the same price as 1 normal size.

holiday621307086759.103329 PostsRegistered 4/3/2011WI

One of my daughters (15 yrs) has this problem as well. smelllllleeeee!!! whew! Teenagers! We tried a few different ones, but what ended up working was using "2" different kinds together!

The first one is a roll on (degree..but the "mans" kind, i think its called some kind of "blast"). Then after she puts on that, she uses Suave "the spray kind", right over the rolled on stuff (suave is called "powder"). (and the smells actually work together quite well) And that has seemed to work miracles, cause it lasts ALL day even when she gets really sweaty in gym class.

So, dont know if that would work for you, but thought i'd throw it out there! Good luck!

Qvie Victo­riah1307088059.2171028 PostsRegistered 1/9/2008St. Louis, Missouri

I tried the Clean by Fusion Beauty stick in Original Fragrance and LOVE it. I was used to having one last as long as I needed it to, and FLIPT when I had this issue. Degree for men, and this, are the only ones so far for me. GL!

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AngelPuppy11307096906.659289 PostsRegistered 5/26/2008

Are you saying that you don't want to use deodorant period or did your post mean that you don't want to use antiperspirant? I'm not sure I understand. Any how, I don't think there is anything to use to stop wetness unless you use an antiperspirant. I heard that they are using botox for this now but it's probably quite expensive. I was reading up on this awhile back when I was trying to find alternatives that didn't have aluminum and they said you could try making sure your arms are scrupulously clean and using a light coating of milk of magnesia. Never heard of this and have not tried. Another thing they suggested is to use a bit of neosporin or something of this nature that you would use to heal cuts, etc. I have no idea if either of these things work but you could try. Baby powder and baking soda have also been mentioned. I would go on line and look up alternative methods for deodorants and antiperspirants. Good luck.

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Iwantcoffee1307100674.2133141 PostsRegistered 11/28/2006

I use baby powder for wetness. The one I have now is Equate pure cornstarch baby powder from Walmart.

I haven't tried baking soda for underarm odor but have heard that it will help. Just dust some on your underarms and then the cornstarch baby powder and see if that will help

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Make Up M­aiden1307100827.607535 PostsRegistered 4/2/2011

Hi Love BE ...

This used to drive me crazy about myself also .. I've finally found a "trick" for my perspiration problem... 3 steps ..

1) Avon (Powder Scent) Roll on (Deodorant or Antiperspirant), then

2) "Sure" Spray (deordorant or antiperspirant), then

3) patting Gold Bond powder over the above, even if its still wet..

IT WORKS (for me)!! FINALLY!! My underarms are the DRIEST place on my body! Love BE .. Good luck!!

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realsilver­girl1307101603.0131979 PostsRegistered 12/12/2009

use the j & j cornstarch with zinc - the one with yellow cap. I also get a deodorant on Etsy from a seller "my beauty addiction" called pink sugar. I use reg deodorant and then 1/2 way thru work apply the pink sugar. Smells good! Also you can get botox to your pits...really!

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txteacher1307101788.9274 PostsRegistered 4/5/2009

Kind of a weird tip, but I read on these boards about people putting apple cider vinegar on a cotton ball, rubbing this under their arms, and then putting on deodorant. They said they didn't have odor issues at all after this. Cheap thing to try!

Dharma_Ini­tiative1307102810.614154 PostsRegistered 7/16/2007

CRYSTAL Mineral Deodorant

I cannot recommend this highly enough. I have not had even a little body odor since using this. Zero. No matter what the conditions...high heat, humidity, working out, etc. Yes you will sweat, that's the body's way of releasing toxins. It's a mineral salt that neutralizes the bacteria that cause body odor so it stops the odor but not the wetness. I have found I don't mind that at all (I thought I would at first). I even put this on the bottoms of my feet and toes when I go barefoot in shoes to stop foot odor. It has never failed me yet!

It comes in a solid (rock), roll-on, or spray. Sold at drugstores.

CassieM1307109188.336950 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004

You are not alone! I know exactly how awful and embarrassing this can be. There is a name for this condition: hyperhidrosis. I developed it when I went into menopause 3 years ago. It can hit me any time (even in winter), but is much worse for me in the summer. There is a lot of good information about hyperhidrosis here:


I have tried many different remedies, both over the counter and prescription, but the only thing that has really made a difference for me is Botox. Seriously! My insurance even covers it because it is prescribed for a medical condition. Initially the insurance company denied the treatment, but my doctor wrote a letter of appeal explaining why it was necessary and what other treatments had not worked, and it was finally approved. More info about it here:


yoginono1307110970.233103 PostsRegistered 4/1/2011

Baking soda. I have used natural deordorants for over 10 years. 3 years ago I switched to plain ole baking soda. it is a miracle in a box. Just find a "powder puff" and a wide jar. I am active, sweat like crazy and wear lots of synthetic athletic clothes. Prior to baking soda.....STINKIE!!!! In fact, during a white water vacation, the guys made me throw out one of my long underwear tops. After baking soda....no more stink.

PurplePink1307111210.111129 PostsRegistered 10/29/2010

Since I switched to Secret Clinical I have no wetness and no odor. Before I used to do the trick mentioned before - use any deodorant and pat it with baby powder. It did a good job eliminating odors and sometimes preventing wetness, but not always.

KWSHopping1307113801.3410 PostsRegistered 11/8/2007

Don't use anything... I'm serious. I have been dealing with this problem for a long time. The"solution" came when I was on bed rest when I was pregnant. The smell of deodorant made me sick, so I stopped using it for those two weeks that I was home. I smelled less and less each day!

I beleive deodorants force your body to depend on them (keeps their customers coming back). I wear cotton as much as possible, fully dry my arms after a shower and sometimes wash my underarms a second time if I'm going out later in the day. I wear deodorant for important events only (if I'm going to be out of the house from am-pm) and I use a lot less.

It takes a few days for your body to de-tox from the nasty chemicals, so try it on a quiet weekend. If you are extra stinky during this time, use a little iodine in the shower to kill the stink germs (don't use iodine too much though... you don't want to become immune to it's benefits).

Good luck! :)

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MandaKay00­211307114136.3371351 PostsRegistered 12/9/2010Knoxville, Tn

I'd love to know the trick. I use Degree clinical strength...that works great during the winter. But the summer is a whole other story. I am thinking of trying the men's degree clincial strength next and if that doesn't work I'm going to the doctor to get prescription deo/anti persperant. I can't stand the sweating & the stinking and I do both when I am just walking in a parking lot from my car to the store-its even worse when I'm active! Its gross!!!

JoElla1307124240.4910552 PostsRegistered 8/6/2006Texas

After my surgery I was having a horrible time with the dreaded one arm sweaty stinky thing. I have ruined countless blouses and nothing I tried work.

Meanwhile I have heard really good buzz on the Crystal line. It is an all natural line and just kinda dismissed it. Because I did try several other all natural products and nothing was working.

One day I found it on clearance (the pomagranate scent) and thought why not. I was only out a buck and was curious.

Let me tell you how happy I am I gave this line a try! They have all sorts of scents from various places (I bought mine at Walgreens, they have another scent not on clearance) and regular price is under 5 bucks I beleive.

This stuff works like a champ! I still get wetness but no odor and most importantly NO STAINING!!

I have used it for over a month, and I live in Texas. We are much hotter than normal and hot and humid. No smell at all!

Also this does not leave marks on my clothing and the only downfall is, it takes a bit of time to dry..but hey I will take that over odor and staining any day!

Jayro1307124698.261996 PostsRegistered 11/29/2008

I was using Certain Dri at night and then showering in the AM and wearing Ban or something similar in the day. The Certain Dri was so irritating to my underarms that I was always in pain, but had to use it or be wet and stinky.

Then I tried Isomer's DeoDri and with the first wearing never had another problem. It's wonderful. I don't know why it's different, but it works for me.

Witchy Wom­an1307124860.1432909 PostsRegistered 12/17/2005

Guess I should consider myself lucky....I quit using anything years ago because I was showering 3 times a day....In the morning, after lunch (I was running 4-6 miles daily) and at night before bed. Seems excessive, but my skin never showed any dryness as I constantly moisturized.

I was concerned about odor at first, but I asked my husband if he could ever smell anything and he said no. I also asked my running partner and close friend and I know she would not lie...I smelled my clothing and never a hint of that sweaty smell. Even during and after menopause, there was no odor. Now and then I would have a bit of dampness, but it was not excessive.

Possibly it was all the showering that saved me....now, unless it is blazing hot and I am going out for the day or evening, I just don't use anything and....amazingly, I am dry and oder free...and I continue to check with my husband on this.

I should add that I have waxed my underarms for years and they are now completely hairless with the exception of a few strays now and then. I really think that helps. I found the chemicals irritated my skin and that is why I stopped using anything originally.

Like I said, I should count myself lucky....

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JoElla1307125202.07710552 PostsRegistered 8/6/2006Texas

Witchy you are lucky my dear! {#emotions_dlg.thumbup1}

scorpio38131307125446.032200 PostsRegistered 3/18/2007Indy
On 6/2/2011 love BE said:

I have serious issues with this in the summer. I am pretty sure I have tried every stupid deoderant out there and none of them work for me. If I find one that works...in a week or so it stops working. I have tried the ones you apply at night and even the crystal ones. Does anyone have a trick they use to control the odor and wetness that isn't deoderant? TIA

I love Crystal, but as you can see, the OP has already said she tried it and it didn't work for her. {#emotions_dlg.sad}

glmama1307125677.51721060 PostsRegistered 12/8/2006
Hi-Although I don't have this exact problem, I just recently tried the Crystal kind and it's pretty amazing.

Over 40. Dark hair. Fair, with mild-moderate Rosacea. Finicky skin. Did I mention--Gorgeous? ;)

CassieM1307125781.536950 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004

Witchy, you are very lucky. When menopause hit I started sweating like crazy, I mean like dripping from my face and underarms. And the stench, OMG, it was worse than a men's locker room. Nothing would cut it. I was using antipersperiant followed by baby powder followed by perfume, and I still smelled funky. I literally had to change my shirt and reapply antiperspirant several times during the day in the summer because I got so wet and funky. I'm so envious of your experience!

Thank goodness for Botox, I stay dry and odor free for 5 or 6 months at a time.

hooty1307126154.85321078 PostsRegistered 9/4/2006Sweet Home Alabama

I have had this problem all my life, and I live in the South were it is extremely HOT! I am currently using Secret, but am thinking of going back to Lady Mitchum, or just reg. Mitchum, which has worked for me in the past!

I cannot imagine not having to use anything ........... what a lucky woman you are!!!

Majick551307128028.3231328 PostsRegistered 11/17/2005

One other suggestion that I didn't see here is chlorophyll tablets. When I was a kid I had the worst foot and underarm odor in the world - no lie - small countries banned me. (ok that's a lie...)

My Mom made me take chlorophyll tablets - not too many or you will turn some stuff green (not a lie).

ALso the reason that the vinegar works for some is that vinegar is an odor neutralizer. We got skunked once and I had to keep open bowls of white vinegar around for a while to get rid of the smell.

Oh my Mom also taught me to use white vinegar in the laundry to get rid of odors. She used to put it directly on the armpits of the blouses that we thought were ruined. They washed up great.


luvmymutt1307128195.257652 PostsRegistered 3/31/2011

I use Certain Dry @ night like the directions tell you to. And then regular deodorant in the morning...no more sweaty armpits for me...this works really well for me I wouldnt be without it.

Dharma_Ini­tiative1307138327.0574154 PostsRegistered 7/16/2007
On 6/3/2011 scorpio3813 said:
On 6/2/2011 love BE said:

I have serious issues with this in the summer. I am pretty sure I have tried every stupid deoderant out there and none of them work for me. If I find one that works...in a week or so it stops working. I have tried the ones you apply at night and even the crystal ones. Does anyone have a trick they use to control the odor and wetness that isn't deoderant? TIA

I love Crystal, but as you can see, the OP has already said she tried it and it didn't work for her. {#emotions_dlg.sad}

Missed that. Sorry.

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