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I just went wild and ordered a Dinair airbrush makeup set. Anyone have one of these?

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Being a true make-upaholic I thought it was about time I went to the big guns. I broke down and bought the Dinair after researching several air makeup kits.

I have melasma and the summer can be especially challenging, unfortunately.

Wondering if anyone has had any experience with Dinair?



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newschick1305459380.09766 PostsRegistered 4/5/2008

I have one. I airbrush every day for work (I work in TV).

The pro's: Small, easily portable, comes with plenty of colors to try

I don't think there are any con's but I will say I like Graftobian's airbrush makeup better. Color selection is better, it also has matching HD Glamour Cremes which are great on their own or to pre-conceal. I also upgraded my compressor to the Iwata Silverjet which is what most make-up artists use.

The airbrush finish is incredible but you need to get the hang of it first. Start working with it on a day you don't have any time constraints.

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