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When using Retinol A why does the skin peel or get dry ?

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I was wondering why does the skin peel and very dry when using Retinol. If it is so great for the skin then why does it do this ?

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I Teach Too1303734357.96711790 PostsRegistered 7/14/2007Eastern Iowa...If you build it, they will come.

I started on Retinol in January and my skin has never peeled. It is a little dry when I apply it, but I just use a heavy moisturizer that night and all is fine.

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Milesthecat1303736138.5871704 PostsRegistered 8/17/2005In my house

I've heard Renova is milder on the skin (don't know for sure..yet) I just got my RX for Renova 0.02% hope its not going to be drying to my 61 yr old skin. Is the retin-a for younger skin? I have used Retinol creams "over the counter" with good results...that made me want the RX. I'm sure someone will have your answer. Smile

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csv3201303736311.716724 PostsRegistered 6/24/2007

Do you wait the 1/2 hour after you cleanse your face to apply it?

I use Renova, never have any peeling issues. It's cream based and not harsh.

bunnypink1303736685.151520 PostsRegistered 4/14/2008


As we age our skin cells turnover at a slower & slower rate than they did when we were young. Retin-A increases skin cell turnover to help prevent & reduce wrinkles. The whole point of Retin-A is to increase skin cell turnover at a faster rate than the skin would normally age. This, of course, means that the skin will peel/get dry because the skin cells are sloughing off & being forced to turnover at a faster rate than they naturally would.

Many people find (myself included) that if you start off slowly (maybe even 1-2 times/week, then every other night, and then every night if you can) and get through the initial peeling/drying phase many ppl go through, your skin will eventually adjust to the Retin-A & not be super dry/peeling. It probably took my skin 2 months to get through this phase and I was willing to put up with dry/peeling skin for a little while for the fabulous results I've gotten over the past few years using Retin-A. Now, I can use Retin-A every other or every night without any noticeable peeling/dryness. I only use Retin-A at night & moisturize during the day.

HTH :)

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