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Did Models Prefer (now YBF) start on HSN?

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I can't give you the exact quote, but Stacey said she started on HSN, wandered off the path for awhile and saw the light and came back. I could have sworn she started on QVC, but I only go back to 1996.

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Subject1302476142.39311269 PostsRegistered 2/24/2007

Yes- she left QVC but could not take the name MODELS PREFER with her- thus the new name YOUR BEST FRIEND on HSN.


CharmTx1302477916.237980 PostsRegistered 4/5/2009Deep in the heart of Texas

She once indicated that she started on HSN, then strayed, (to the Q), and then back to HSN.

Just realized that I didn't really answer your question. I don't know if she had Models Prefer when she started on HSN, or if it was called something else.

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Nascardiva1302480884.376600 PostsRegistered 6/27/2005Maryland

Stacey started on HSN as Stacey Donatelli, married her current husband and formed Models Prefer. Their company later became part of a lawsuit against QVC (circa 2006), which was settled sometime in late 2007/early 2008. Stacey then went on to create ybf and went back to HSN in August '08.

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pickysue1302481264.02860 PostsRegistered 1/2/2010

Did you notice today when she was on HSN her products are made in China. Wanted the lipstick/gloss but refused to purchase after I saw where it was made.

depglass1302553062.78725022 PostsRegistered 11/14/2006

At those prices, you pretty much figure its all made in China. I seem to remember the lawsuit phase, she was on in QVCUK during that period. Yes, you answered the question, thanks, all.

LipstickDi­va1302555142.66341906 PostsRegistered 4/22/2005On the Lake in Ohio

Not all of her products are made in China. I have some that are made in Italy and some made in other places.

I will say though that her products have definitely taken a turn for the worse now that she is under the YBF label. I have ordered 2 today specials. the first one, almost all the products went in the trash with the exception of 2 of them. The last one, 1 of the procuts (the primer) went in the trash.

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