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Best products for fine, thin hair?

Started 1301339699.633 in Beauty Banter | Last reply 1301593986.917 by Jam

I have fine, thin hair and am wondering what the best products are to add volume??? Thanks in advance!

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4downthesh­ore1301342315.852429 PostsRegistered 7/31/2007PA

I have the same hair type & I use WEN. Tea tree cleansing conditioner, styling cream & volumizing treatment spray for root lift & hair spray..Before I started using WEN my hair always looked dry becouse of all the volumizing products I was using.Now my routine is simple & effective.Hope this helps..Good luck..

abbycat1301350900.7574618 PostsRegistered 5/19/2007Maryland

I'm going to bump this up to the top again ..... I've tried WEN (don't know if the OP has or not), and when I went to my hairdresser she asked me what I was using as it was all coated in a sticky substance when she wet it. That ended WEN for me.

Any other ideas for fine, thin hair?



duffie1301351453.47338 PostsRegistered 1/5/2008infinity and beyond

i recommend PANTENE FLAT TO VOLUME SHAMPOO for fine hair. i buy it at wal-mart.

note2baby1301352240.112589 PostsRegistered 1/23/2007Northern CA.

I have used the Gilchrest & Soames Spa Therapy shampoo and conditioner for a year now. Adding the Lessman Hair, skin and nails vitamins. I have seen great results and both were recommended here in past posts. Thanks to whom ever suggested these items.

Southernfr­iedchick1301353133.867957 PostsRegistered 11/17/2007

Big Hair Hairspray, in a tall red can. Wally World used to carry it.

willdob31301355296.8811737 PostsRegistered 10/31/2010

I've tried all sorts of things - including WEN - for my fine hair. Nothing made any difference in volume. My hair just laughs at me when I try new things.

I do highly recommend Andrew Lessman's HHS&N. It stopped my hair from falling out & makes it grow fast. It does nothing at all for volume but it is not marketed as being able to do that.

doodles1301356602.041427 PostsRegistered 11/10/2007

SAMY Fat Hair 0 Calories Amplifying Mousse and SAMY The HairSpray are the only products I have every used that give my fine limp hair any body. The mousse really gives texture to your hair but be careful not to use too much as it will make your hair a little sticky if you go overboard on use. It's on sale right now at Walgreen's BOGO. Also love the SAMY Icing.

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rasaja1301357356.373351 PostsRegistered 9/24/2010New York

Alterna is a fantastic haircare line and they have a formula for volume. I've tried it and it works! As an added bonus, it does not contain sulfates so it is easy on color treated hair.

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My Sky1301357918.363265 PostsRegistered 1/23/2007

Ovation Cell Therapy. Use it as a treatment along with your own shampoo (they sell shampoo, but it's too expensive). If you get it on auto-delivery you don't have to pay s&h, ($11 - they overnight it). It's expensive - about $60, but worth every penny to me. I've been using it for 18 months and my hair is so much thicker. My hairdresser watched as new hairs sprouted all over my scalp and grew in with the rest of my hair. You have to buy it from their website. ovation.com

Dorrris1301360269.671 PostsRegistered 3/28/2011

Hi, I use Nick Chavez plump and thick shampoo and conditioner and i use Nick Chavez Volumeizine hair spray and this keeps my hair looking great all the time...i wash my hair and put is soft curlers and spray with Nicks hairspray and blow dry and take out curlers and just brush and comb and into my style and it will last for 4 days ..when i get up in morning i brush and fluff and a little hair spray and i am off and good to go..thanks Nick

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UMDTerpFan1301382710.232336 PostsRegistered 3/26/2010

I like AGEBeautiful shampoo & conditioner sold at Sally Beauty and Living Proof's Full Thickening Cream or mousse. I condition first, then shampoo and I do find that I need to do a final rinse with cold water for any shampoo I use to get the residue out. It also helps to close the hair cuticle. I also use a tiny dab of Morrocan oil starting midway down the hair shaft to the ends and then from roots down to where I started. Morrocan oil helps to add body and shine and does not weigh the hair down. After shampooing on damp hair, I use the Morrocan oil first followed by the Full Thickening cream or mousse.

UMDTerpFan1301382758.042336 PostsRegistered 3/26/2010
On 3/28/2011 note2baby said:

I have used the Gilchrest & Soames Spa Therapy shampoo and conditioner for a year now.

Where can these products be purchased?

Sandgirl1301399719.7337432 PostsRegistered 8/8/2007

Avalon Organics Biotin B Complex Thickening Shampoo

I was trying EVERYTHING and Now I use Avalon Organice Shampoo / Cond.

THen I use Joico (Joishape) and man for some reason when NOTHING else would work this products WORKS for adding volume AND holding my hair for the day. I actually HATE Joico products so I didn't want to try it but one of my friends told me about it.

I have tried A LOT - I do mean A LOT - High End to low end and I have finally found what works.

Here is a link to the Avalon on Vitacost - MANY reviews you can read


misspammie1301400993.57312809 PostsRegistered 3/14/2010now in Virginia
On 3/29/2011 UMTerpFan said:
On 3/28/2011 note2baby said:

I have used the Gilchrest & Soames Spa Therapy shampoo and conditioner for a year now.

Where can these products be purchased?

I'ver used Gilchrest for over a year, (now I think my HEAD has changed!!!),,,it was the rave on these forums a while back. Just go to their on line site,,,,

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Sunshine K­ate1301401044.4712989 PostsRegistered 11/13/2006The Beautiful Mountains & Western Sky


I'm going to try the Joico and Avalon shampoo. I see the shampoo is free of sodium lauryl or laureth sulfate. I think that means it won't strip haircolor. That's an added plus too.

Ranchergal1301403250.674342 PostsRegistered 6/13/2007
On 3/28/2011 duffie said:

i recommend PANTENE FLAT TO VOLUME SHAMPOO for fine hair. i buy it at wal-mart.

ITA! Add to that some Nick Chavez Volumizing Mist with or without the culers.

foreverfar­m11301403351.38562 PostsRegistered 11/30/2007

I use Nich Chavez leaving in thicking cream....love it!

Mathilde1301404353.3531091 PostsRegistered 2/29/2008

I have tried so many products over so many years for this problem and had given up. Nothing seemed to make any difference.

Then I tried OJon 2 minute hair mask together with Ojon moisturizing thickening shampoo, and it DOES work for me. I've been using the products for a couple of months now and think they are something I don't want to be without. My hair isn't weighted down or sticky, and I'm mystified as to how they work so well.

SundayPeac­hes1301406492.98365 PostsRegistered 5/14/2010Farmville

Has anyone tried John Frieda Full Repair for volume?


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jexsmom1301406580.167 PostsRegistered 3/13/2011

Living proof, "full and thick cream", I LOVE this stuff! My hair is baby fine, with this stuff I have HAIR!!! I've given this to my 85 year old Mom, the difference is very much noticable. On both my Mom and myself. Absolutely try this product. Just remember, do not use too much. I have pretty long hair and I use a blob about the size of a quarter on newly shampooed hair. You will need a spray bottle for plain old tap water. Day after you shampoo, just spray your hair with plain old tap water, and viola' the "full and thick" cream is reactivated. I bought a purse size perfume atomizer, it's refillable. I carry that with water in my purse. If during the day just "fluffing" my hair isn't enough, I spritz with a little water, and finger fluff. This product is a miracle in a bottle! BTW, it is worth every penny, it works, and a bottle lasts a long time.

SundayPeac­hes1301406722.2265 PostsRegistered 5/14/2010Farmville

Where do you get the Living Proof?


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abbycat1301407422.1634618 PostsRegistered 5/19/2007Maryland

SANDGIRL .... I just went to Vitacost and got both the shampoo and the conditioner. Here's hoping!



Boomerjo1301407945.671445 PostsRegistered 11/29/2004Indiana
On 3/29/2011 abbycat said:

SANDGIRL.... I just went to Vitacost and got both the shampoo and the conditioner. Here's hoping!


I also ordered it and the price was pretty reasonable for the size bottle you get. I always figure nothing ventured nothing gained so I'm trying it. Thanks Sandgirl for the info.

abbycat1301408293.4534618 PostsRegistered 5/19/2007Maryland

Boomerjo ..... I agree .... it's sure worth a try at those prices.



Claybasket1301419311.817173 PostsRegistered 10/12/2010

I LOVE Kerastase volumizing shampoo and conditioner. Use it everyday. My hair is color treated and this shampoo does not dry out or strip the color. For added volume, I like Aveda's Phomollient (I use about three pumps) and then spray a little of their volumizing tonic before using the blow dryer.

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