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Anyone see B. Loser last night?

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OMG Danny C.....he looked terrific and like a totally different person...he was HOT. Now the one thing I wonder is....do these people keep the weight off? They never do follow ups on past contestants to see how they look one, two or three yrs later. I just could not believe the transformations of some of those people. Amazing...I sure hope they can keep it up.
Ain't nothing more to me what you get is what you see....Sara Aryers

Ain't nothing more to me what you get is what you see....Sara Aryers

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SuzieMN1260373253177 PostsRegistered 12/11/2007Minneapolis, MN
Yes, I love the show!
They had a 2 hour show a few weeks ago that followed up with numerous contestants from each season....for the most part, everyone kept the weight off and looked great. I do think a few of the past winners gained a few pounds after the season finale - not sure their final weight is a weight they can maintain.
I know the show is highly criticized by some, but I think it's very inspirational.

kay2012603737661049 PostsRegistered 1/24/2008Texas
I saw some of it, it was amazing to see these peoples transformations. Also gave me some motivation to lose the
10 lbs. I've been wanting to lose forever. I figure if they can lose 200+ lbs. I can lose 10. I haven't really been watching the show but I'm glad Danny won, he seemed like he was the most transformed out of the 3 finalist.

Cardamom12603771627096 PostsRegistered 6/24/2006
It was wonderful. I love Danny and am so happy for him. I saw him on Jay Leno and he said he wants to buy new carpet! LOL.
I loved the marriage proposal and finding out how many years were added on to Shay and Daniel's life! Shay is going to be gorgeous. I wish someone would offer me $1000 for each pound I loose. :O
The new season starts on Jan 5th!

lulu2126037981723258 PostsRegistered 8/1/2007
I cannot believe how much weight these people lose in a relatively short amount of time.

InnerWealth12603810473132 PostsRegistered 9/26/2008Michigan ( Just moved here)
I watched it too last night...It is such an amazing journey for each of them and one to be highly commended....Im so proud of all of them and am so excited that Danny won...I was rooting for him ...he just seemed so genuine and humble and so sweet...
When I think of what they have gone through and the mountains they have climbed, I am ashamed of myself that I grumble at times when dieting...they truy inspire. me..I had tears watching the show last night...seeing the transformations ...not just physical but emotional and spiritual...finally believing in themselves...this show is not just about health...its about your SOUL...
Its also so beautiful to see the connections and friendships formed...life lasting...thats a beautiful gift indeed...
I love that Shay gets a chance to receive 1000 dollars for every pound lost between now and at the next finale...wow!...how amazing is that?.... Id be a mad woman on a treadmill 24/7!...
Who got engaged...how did I miss that?.....
Beautiful show...inspired me deeply in so many ways...I think we can all identify with hurdles and the need to get over them...and dealing with hurts and pain and coping...the root of all...
Love this show!!!!!!
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bljed12603905227216 PostsRegistered 1/29/2008
I also really enjoyed this season and thought they had a nice group of contestants. Tracy was the only one I could not handle!! Anyhow, Danny is a doll and I'm glad he won. They all worked so hard and are deserving. It feels good to share their joy and pride especially because so many of them were at such low points in their lives before. I think they colored Danny's hair brown because it was really quite gray before his makeover. Took years off him combined with the huge weight loss. Very inspirational- especially the second to last episode when the final 4 ran the marthon!!!

GMO_Jen12604072302282 PostsRegistered 11/11/2007In the St. Louis region
I loved the finale- i was amazed at how great they all look. and i agree- watching them do the full marathon was absolutely amazing and motivating. i have done a half, but watching Liz and Danny especially do the marathon motivates me to want to lose weight, and walk/jog a marathon. can't wait for the next one in January
First Half Marathon done!
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ItsME12604085323774 PostsRegistered 5/1/2008Sunny South Florida
I loved the finale. What these folks do is amazing. And Danny is SOO cute! What a transformation!
You might have hated Tracey, but that was quite a transformation too! I think she lost too much weight. She almost looks anorexic.
As for what happens over time, they did a show a week or two ago, where they caught up with several past contestants. Most had kept most of the weight off, but most looked like they had gained some back. One past winner, Eric, who lost 200+ pounds on the show, has gained most of it back (175 lbs?). I felt soooo sad when I saw that. Bob gave him a challenge to be weighed in again at the next finale. Not sure what his prize will be if does well at the challenge.
I have to say, that show always makes me want to eat! Doesn't make any sense, does it??? LOL

ib_sewing212604090731220 PostsRegistered 1/14/2007
Someone posted that they didn't like Tracy.......I'm with you..........
Plus, what did you think of Rebecca....she was the one that won't let them change her hair much when the had the makeover.............
Actually I was rooting for LIZ..........

TY112604094484495 PostsRegistered 3/22/2007
Yes, I watched The Biggest Loser and also peeked on Wikipedia ahead of time to see who won the big prize and who won the at home prize.
I didn't recognize Rebecca with blond hair. She was so thin too! Tracey's face looked really gaunt like she had been taking diuretics like bodybuilders before a contest.
Danny winning wasn't such a surprise, in last week's episode he and Rudy were clearly dropping a lot more weight than Amanda or Liz.
I'm glad that Shay will be on the finale of the next cycle. She's at a weight now where most of the other ladies started their weight loss journey.
I do think that the show needs to offer more after care for the contestants/competitors once the show has ended to keep them motivated. I don't know how Eric, the winner from season 3 is doing, maybe he will get some dough if he loses weight too.

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mrscakemak­er1260416541776 PostsRegistered 9/15/2008
Yes, I saw the show also Danny looked totally different!!! I am proud of them all. I wish I could get motivated to finally loose weight.
The Proposal was so sweet . I pray they and have a long and happy marriage.
Shay is beautiful now so when she loses more weight she will be totally gorgeous
I too am looking forward to the new season.

Hotheads1260419029183 PostsRegistered 12/3/2005Pa
I have watched biggest loser since the beginning. Last night was amazing Danny WOW,Amanda was beautiful, Rebecca didnt even look the same (IMHO her dress was toooo short.) Their stories are great- its a journey they will never forget= now if I could stop eating tootsie rolls while watching maybe I could loose a pound or two lol

Mary Bailey12604203037935 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004
Danny was HOT
Tracey looked anorexic & I didn't like her at any time on the show
Rebecca's dress was too short
I wanted Liz (& Amanda) to win
I want someone to pay me $1000 per pound lost (come on - it's only 15#)
I enjoyed the follow up show
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sharon181260426581610 PostsRegistered 6/18/2006
Team Danny here too - so happy to see him win it all. I can see why people didn't recognize him. Love Shay too. I thought Antoine and Allen looked the most "compact" - every other man has a lot of excess skin. I know that Ali Vincent & Michelle Aguilar, (evil) Vicki, Hollie, Julie, the twins (Bill and Jim G) and the Morellis have kept the weight off - Max Morelli, if anyone remembers Mike's little brother, has even lost more weight than he had on the special...there are a lot more as well...many were there at the finale. If you watch the Leno interview with Danny and Ross Matthews, Hollie from the Black team is in the back -- she works for the company that produces TBL (she's my FB friend, which is how I know how these people are doing). They sort of become "family" since we go through so much with them on camera at the ranch.
Rebecca is actually a natural blonde (that was not her natural hair color at the Finale)...she looks (IMO) waaaay better as a brunette with shoulder length hair, but boy she deserved that $100G prize. Girlfriend is RIPPED!!! Looks really healthy too, whereas Tracy looks sick.

sweetpeatwo1260430806606 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004
tonight on the joy behar show danny was on, he looks good. also rebecca was on. i had not idea, she said daniel and her were now seeing each other. she said they started as really good friends and now they are togeather. they dont seem like a match to me!!

Katiecakes1260466430132 PostsRegistered 2/13/2008CT
Danny looked great so did Rudy! What great inspirations for father's out there!

bljed12604686177216 PostsRegistered 1/29/2008
You might have hated Tracey, but that was quite a transformation too! I think she lost too much weight. She almost looks anorexic.
I mentioned not being able to handle Tracy! Hate is too strong a word, especially because I don't 'know' her etc. The problem I had with Tracy was her obvious game play from the starting gate. She was very obvious about it and alienated herself because of it. Just a self centered, ME attitude and it turned me off I guess. Yup, she looked too think and unhealthy at the finale. Her color wasn't that good and her facial skin sagged a bit/she looked older from such rapid weight loss and losing so much in her face.
I was glad that Rebecca won over her just because she seems much sweeter. Also liked Liz alot as well. She was great with Danny. It was eye opening to see her at home as she was having maritial problems and was so isolated living on the farm. I cannot wait to see how Shay does in the near future. Such a pretty girl! She's had such a tough life, and has been given such a great opportunity by Subway and the show. Good for her!!

sharon181260469158610 PostsRegistered 6/18/2006
Did anyone else notice that Danny thanked RUDY for being such a great friend after he won, but didn't mention Liz AT ALL? I wonder if his wife had anything to do with that, since Liz and Danny are the same age (approx) and they were so close at the Ranch...plus she was going through marital issues. I just remember Danny's wife worrying that she was losing him when he got home to finish his weight journey....not that I care, I just thought it was a little odd that Danny didn't mention Liz at all in his thank you speech, and hardly looked at Liz at all during the whole thing.

Robin186912604706881233 PostsRegistered 12/30/2004
Biggest Loser is such a great show. I said to my daughter who is that its not Danny. LOL I can't wait for Jan 5th. I thought Eric was going to be at this finale? But I guess the one in May. If I was given $1000 for every pound I lost I would not eat a thing till after the finale. LoL really what a great offer for her. I thought they were going to bring her back for the next season. Robin

BacktoBrun­ette12606748554256 PostsRegistered 12/22/2008PA, but a NJ native
It was sweet Antoine and Alexandra that got engaged; their moms were going bananas and holding on to each other.
Bless them, and I hope we'll see an update in a few years or so, with the two happily-married and with kids (like Matt and Suzy).:-)
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squeezebox12606777975665 PostsRegistered 2/17/2008Land of oz!
BL always amazes me. Som of the transformations are jaw dropping! I was SO happy Danny won..... all season, I kept tellng hubby.... he's my favorite. He wears his heart on his sleeve and he's just a sweetheart.
Team Danny all the way!

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