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How safe are "false" eyelashes - thinking about getting them

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I had my makeup professionally done today (my salon was having a promo). The artist was a Lancome rep for over 15 years and has done prof. makeup for many brides, etc.

She suggested I do false eyelashes - she glues them on and apparently they last for approx. a month.

Has anyone done this? My lashes are very "sparse" and I've tried EVERY makeup line out there --

Feedback please. Thank you so much!

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JewelryIsM­yPassion1295156329.8617 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004

There are quite a few tutorials on YouTube of the various kinds of false eyelash applications from the strips, clusters, individual and the semi perm ones. If you watch a few of the demos there may be a method that you feel you can do yourself. I have applied the semi perm indivuals and clusters and honestly after a week I change them out. Keep in mind that your lashes shed naturally, and anything applied to them begins to lift away from the lashline.

You might very well find that with a bit of patience and a 15x mirror this is something you can do at home.

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