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Argan Oil Question

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I have JM Argan Oil and I love it. Oddly one of my two cats comes running every time I bring it out and wants to lick and rub all over my hands after I use it. I've tried to look it up on line to see if this is one of the oils that is harmful to cats, but don't find anything about is specifically. Anyone out there have any idea? Most other lotions and potions send my cats running to the far corners of the room...odd.

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love me lo­ve my cats1293929688.5471860 PostsRegistered 6/22/2006PA

None of my cats have an affinity for Argan oil, but one seems to like shea butter (always smells my hands or face, then licks me!). I had a cat who loved Ben-gay (yes, you read that right)...he would go bonkers over the scent of that stuff. He would drool, rub & basically molest you if you had it on your person! Crazy. Another cat loved Doritos - he knew where we kept the bag & would open the cupboard & attempt to help himself to a few. When we'd eat them, he would whack your hand to give him one.

I don't know if Argan oil would harm a cat - but to be on the safe side, ask a vet.

Mamakitty1293931511.959 PostsRegistered 7/31/2010

Thanks for sharing! Gotta love those cats and their odd attractants! Happy New Year!

sizzle09851293940762.6482 PostsRegistered 1/30/2010

Ben gay? You gotta love cats! They know what they like!

Zaksgrrl1293949304.8879844 PostsRegistered 2/2/2008In the sun but willing to go into the dark

My kitty is curious about everything, so I usually let her have a look/smell at whatever I'm doing.

Well, when I showed her my new jar of STO Shea Butter, she took a huge lick of it!!! And then I had to fight her off - she wanted more!!! LOL! Love the kittycat!

I don't know about argan oil - perhaps the CS at ZamouriSpices.com could help you. They carry the culinary argan oil.

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