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Need advise. Can I recolor my hair this soon.

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Had my hair colored on Friday-hate it!. Can I use an over the counter bloude hair color to lighten it this soon?

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swissmade1293119807.55279 PostsRegistered 3/6/2007Michigan

Sally I have done it many times when I did not care for the color with good results.

ItsME1293120014.063774 PostsRegistered 5/1/2008Sunny South Florida

Sally, I am NOT an expert here, but I wouldn't recolor this soon. If the issue is that it is too dark, it will fade. If you want to speed the process aong, I think I've read recommendations to try dish detergent.. a harsh detergent will strip some color faster than shampoos. If you do this, be sure to condition well after. But don't do anything until some experts chime in! LOL

TennTriath­lete1293120029.381518 PostsRegistered 12/7/2009Tennessee

I'm sure some hair pros will reply but a lot depends on the condition of your hair. Also on what color your hair is now. Corrective color can be very tricky. Using an over the counter blonde on top of certain base colors could yield strange results. I have heard of people getting good advice by calling the number on the haircolor box.

I am sure you will be getting more detailed advice. I think there are some hairdressers who usually reply.

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CassieM1293128677.5936950 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004

I would call the salon and tell them you are not happy with the color. They should fix it for free.

Blondes at home are really tricky, I know, because I'm blonde. Whether or not you can recolor at home really depends on your hair, what type of color was used on it in the salon, how dark your hair is now, and how light you want to go. Depending on all of the above, using a drugstore kit on top of salon color can result in orange or green hair. (I know from experience, been there, done that!)

I now exclusively color my hair at home with good results, but when I was switching over from salon color I had a few hair-raising experiences.

Skylands1293132689.9076667 PostsRegistered 5/30/2010

Go back to the salon and have them redo your color! I do it all the time. Not that I want to. It's just so hard to find a great colorist. One who listens to what you want and not react and be 'brain dead' and do the same color on every client!

Good salons will accept redos within a week of calling and complaining about not liking the color. Good luck!

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jujube1293133366.592699 PostsRegistered 12/21/2004facebook.com/judy.kardos

absolutely, call the salon, they will fix it for you. in this economy, no one wants to lose a client, they will work with you

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sally in p­hilly1293134274.047148 PostsRegistered 12/9/2010

Thanks for all the info. I know I should call and get it redone-but with the Holidays, I don't think there is time. I'm going to try to wash some of it out. Thanks again. I'm glad I asked before I ended up with green hair. Mery Christmas!

SuzNJ1293135070.141 PostsRegistered 6/30/2010

you wont be able to lighten darker hair with blonde hair coloring, without it including some form of bleach or peroxide which can definitely do more harm than good to you hair if done too soon...I would call the salon and they should fix it, but you may have to wait a week or two : (sorry you don't like it, but maybe it'll grow on you??

Waterlilys1293136038.2371188 PostsRegistered 11/22/2009

I did my color yesterday and used clairol's dark spice reddish brown....Well my roots which are salt pepper in some areas turned ORANGE.{#emotions_dlg.ohmy}....This has never ever happened to me...Well i called Clairol and they told me to wait 24 hrs and redo the roots with dark natural brown,equal amounts plus shampoo....So i would think its ok and i would condition good after.

momcat1293150017.3436707 PostsRegistered 9/12/2010

I color my own hair on a regular basis and have done it in less than a month several times. I would have told you to go for it until you said, blonde.

Let me know if you suddenly become interesting.

Waterlilys1293151136.0171188 PostsRegistered 11/22/2009

I didnt read all the post at first,i guess going lighter is not the thing to do ...Try using a soap like prell or something that might help strip it some.Good luck.

tatz1293172337.176626 PostsRegistered 11/2/2010.....Kentucky

Hi Sally. You have been advised by others correctly. Sorry this is happening to you during the holidays. Was Friday your first time for hair color ( virgin ) hair ?? If answer is no, what is your natural haircolor, and what is the color you had on Friday ?? Is the problem that the color is to dark ?? If you try to use a blonde color to lighten hair that is dark in color, you will have orange hair, maybe it is best just to wear a scarf for now, till you can go back to the salon... Good Luck..

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manny21293174606.9031786 PostsRegistered 3/11/2009

Go to a beauty supply and ask for the product that strips some of the color out, that will help a lot. Anyone that colors their own hair should just follow the rule, apply color only to the root area first. If you process for a total of 20 min, apply the color the last 10 to the roots and you will be good to go. The ends absorb the color so much faster so you end up with an uneven color.

namealread­ytaken1293175553.468421 PostsRegistered 7/13/2009

Please, don't give her advice exept to consult a professional. There are so many variables and she could turn out purple-haired, green-haired, with rust in her hair or even worse, bald. Please, the best advice is to consult a professional. Many brands and types cannot be mixed and many need a filler before reuse.

CreditCard­Overload1293388161.947526 PostsRegistered 8/17/2007

Yes you can. I once colored my hair 4 times. (very drastic measure due to turning my hair orange, then green, you get the idea. After recoloring it use a heavy duty conditioner. Leave in hair 20 minutes. For the first day, let hair air dry. Don't use any heat as it will dry out hair. I colored my hair. Let it air dry. then before bedtime, put my head under the sink to wet it. Put in conditioner, a baggie over hair and went to bed. In morning, rinsed hair, then styled and my hair was soft and frizz free. I have coarse, color treated hair that tends to be very dry. HTH


CreditCard­Overload1293388320.577526 PostsRegistered 8/17/2007
On 12/23/2010 SuzNJ said:

you wont be able to lighten darker hair with blonde hair coloring, without it including some form of bleach or peroxide which can definitely do more harm than good to you hair if done too soon...I would call the salon and they should fix it, but you may have to wait a week or two : (sorry you don't like it, but maybe it'll grow on you??

I disagree since I am a natural brunette. I use garnier light natural blonde and I have beautiful medium natural blonde hair. You have to know if you need ash or neutral color. That's what gives you the red, green, orange hue in your hair.


Subject1293388450.42711269 PostsRegistered 2/24/2007

After going blond- you will need fillers put on your hair or the darker color will just lift out of the blond. Go see a professional and have it done right before you ruin your hair.


Homebody11293390101.311897 PostsRegistered 7/23/2005

I hated this drug store color that I used and called their help line and was told I could wait 24 hours and re-do it. He gave me a "recipe" of using the new color and mixing shampoo with it. My hair was fine. I don't see why it would hurt to try it now. I would wait 24 hours after you last washed it because it works better with your hair oils that build up in that period.

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