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Principal Secret Reclaim v. Principal Secret Advanced.

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Can someone please tell me what the difference between the 2 Principal Secret lines?


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Disneyland­fan1292822488.9333511 PostsRegistered 10/18/2008Southern California

I don't know the ingredient difference but I have used both. The Advanced line is very milky and creamy. Soothing to use.

The Reclaim line I used and had to return because for my skin it was too drying. Though I can use the cleanser with no problem.

If I was choosing a cleanser I like the Advanced line better but the Reclaim smells wonderful.

Peg551292857201.6631544 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004

i will do my best to help you out with this.

victoria principal has had three lines to her principal secret from about the early 90s until today.

she first started with her botanical line which was wonderful. it had a slight lavendar scent to it. it was for all skin types. she no longer has this line unfortunately.

then later on she had the advanced line. i loved the cleanser on it. her moisturizer is very moisturizing. i believe she still has products from this line in her catalog.

she then decided to go with her Reclaim line which I believe is best for mature skin. To me, the cleanser is more for dryer skin but anyone can really use it. I prefered the cleanser from the advanced line. she keeps on adding to this line with new products. they are all good.

she has two enzyme treatments from both lines which are good.

if i were you, i would go to her website principalsecret.com and request a catalog. they will send it to you pretty fast.

the good part about it is that you can order from either line or some from both and see which ones you like. you can also call their customer service with any questions you have. the catalog pretty much describes each product....i honestly don't have a catalog at home right now.

i believe from the reclaim line she has a mosturizer for oily skin, which I don't have but I have used in the summer months. she also has a moisturizing lotion if you feel the reclaim day cream is too heavy for the warmer to cooler months.

at present, i had to use clinique's redness solutions products because I have a lot of redness...Wei East products from HSN ruined my skin.

if you have any other questions, just let me know, but I do recommend you ordering the catalog.

Take care...

ArRzrbk1292861098.71404 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004Arkansas

Back in the day, I did use Victoria's line. I tried the original, advanced, and the Reclaim. I did not care for the smell of the Reclaim line. Best I recall, it was kind-of a cucumber scent, which was not my favorite. I now use 100% Pure exclusively and love it.

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