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TRIA lawsuit against the "No, No"

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A very interesting lawsuit by TRIA hair removal, approved by the FDA, against "the no, no", a rip off product you see everywhere on infomercials, etc. Interesting comparisons noted here:

  • TRIA's FDA-cleared Laser Hair Removal System, unlike the Radiancy product, does produce a permanent reduction in hair regrowth and is an advanced light-based technology adapted from the same technology used in dermatologists' offices. The light waves penetrate the skin surface and are absorbed by the hair follicle, which is then disabled. The Radiancy device, by contrast, consists merely of a heated wire that melts or chars the surface hairs with which it comes into contact. Although the no!no! hair removal device does not use or incorporate lasers, Radiancy falsely advertises the no!no! hair removal device as being "like laser" for hair removal and its technology as "laser-like."


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lovemygigi1290329216.8835095 PostsRegistered 3/12/2010

I'll have to read the article but I don't consider the "no,no' a rip off item. It has been around for several years and actually does work when used consistently. I bought mine from the other channel 3 years ago.I was really good at using it for months and even though I did not use it as long I should have, I have less hair on my legs and arms. I am planning to start again now that it is colder and I don't spray tan anymore.

I am sure that the TRIA Co., like any, wants to do what ever they can to protect their product niche. I have thought about getting one myself, it is only money that has stopped me!

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tendercolo­rs1290330961.72940 PostsRegistered 1/4/2007sunny and warm in BEAUTIFUL San Diego county, CA

I agree! The No No has been around doing a great job for a while now. It has many devotees and it is, though in no way cheap, it is affordable and do-able for the average person to obtain.

Tria, a more advanced new comer is probably closer to a professional hair removal device. But seriously, $500-$600? not exactly pocket change for most people and though they have there clientele that can afford it, why try to ruin it for others who aren't wealthy enough to use their rent money for a hair removal system?

It seems a trivial lawsuit. They should just be able to work out the advertising details IF NoNo is saying it is like a laser procedure, instead of making people think what jerks they are trying to have a monopoly on the hair removal market and being so petty.

After hearing that they are pursuing this selfish and greedy venture I wouldn't buy one even if I had the money.

There are people who have problem hair issues and they should be able to have OPTIONS that are suitable to their needs. It is important to many person's self esteem and confidence and can make a difference in their life to have an option they are able to purchase and use to make them NOT feel ashamed or embarrassed or have to go through very uncomfortable and frequent processes.

In fact the NoNo commercial is on right now and NO where do they say it is a LASER procedure or even operates as a laser. They say it CRYSTALIZES the hair, then is buffed away. They DO say how much professional laser treatments cost. They also say that the NoNo operates differently. I don't see that as being anything to sue over.

SHAME on Tria. They are just jealous because NoNo got the jump on them and is more accessible for the average person. If they want to get it into more hands...LOWER THE RIDICULOUS PRICE.

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ItsME1290344400.9533774 PostsRegistered 5/1/2008Sunny South Florida

Sounds to me like a testimonial for the NO NO from their competition! If it didn't work, the Tria guys wouldn't be suing.

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kinda silly1290355454.19399 PostsRegistered 9/2/2009

I dont know much about the No No, but I bought the Tria almost exactly a year ago. I've been using it faithfully and it hasnt done much for me. I know others swear by it...but {#emotions_dlg.confused1}.

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kelluvspip­pi261290355922.092368 PostsRegistered 1/16/2009

i have the tria from over a year ago - best purchase from qvc EVER! - i have fair skin with dark coarse hair and it has removed all the hair i have used the tria on. i know some have bought this to use on light peach fuzz which is not what it is intended for.

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ohioglamgal1290356866.4132048 PostsRegistered 3/1/2007

I don't know...I read it as a perfectly legit lawsuit.

If No-No is marketing their product as 'laser-like' they are implying that it produces results that are like a laser would when they are not. And if their clinicals do not actually support the numbers that they are reporting in their pitches or if they are being misleading about the way the are presenting those numbers...that is a problem.

The Tria folks are not seeking to stop the No-No folks from doing business...they just want them to alter their advertising and stop with the 'laser-like' remarks and the clinical claim numbers if they do not prove to be accurate.

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JoElla1290361995.06710552 PostsRegistered 8/6/2006Texas

Ooh this makes me want to drag out my NO NO and try it.

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c_la_vee1290365346.0931832 PostsRegistered 9/2/2009
I have the no-no, used it a couple of times but prefer waxing and went back to that. However,Cosco has a laser hair removal system that I'm thinking about, it's around $300 I think, I was in a hurry so can't remember but around there, looks REALLY interesting.

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spa heaven1290538737.08377 PostsRegistered 11/7/2005
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mommicat1290539764.317266 PostsRegistered 2/6/2007
On 11/21/2010 c_la_vee said: I have the no-no, used it a couple of times but prefer waxing and went back to that. However,Cosco has a laser hair removal system that I'm thinking about, it's around $300 I think, I was in a hurry so can't remember but around there, looks REALLY interesting.

Here's a link to the Costco one. Mostly good reviews, and assuming their standard return policy, you could even get a refund months later if it doesn't work.


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