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Tape for under eye bags?

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I think I saw this in the last InStyle Makeover issue but I can't remember exactly what it said and I accidentally got rid of the issue. There was a section where dermatologists were talking about their favorite products and one of them mentioned using tape for under eye bags. What kind of tape was it?

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ilikethebu­bbly1288174198.22577 PostsRegistered 5/3/2005

No one? {#emotions_dlg.confused1}

Keli131288178734.4177516 PostsRegistered 1/24/2006

Tear Duct tape ? {#emotions_dlg.laugh}

Sorry I've never heard of this. I don't have under eye bags so I've never looked into it.

Have you tried to google it?

Dachsie1288179371.512607 PostsRegistered 6/4/2006

All I can say is one would have to really have gentle, dermatologist / medical grade tape to put on such a sensitve thin-skinned area.

There are many other products out there for under eye puffiness so would favor those over a tape. Eyes Aliive of Wei East line on HSN always seems to get rave reviews.

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