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i have to tell you about the wig I ordered, it's the Raquel Welsch (sp). The best thing I've received from QVC. I was so excited when I received, I just could not believe it. I've never worn wigs, but since my hair has thinned so much since stopping hormones I decided to try it. Made me feel to good to look in the mirror. My daughter thought I had just had my own hair cut and colored. My granddaughter said I looked 20 yrs. younger. If you are having problems with thinning hair you should try the wigs, very light weight and natural looking. I'm just worried it will not stay looking so good, I've got to find out how to care for it, does anyone know? I think it will change my life because I feel I will get out of the house more.

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viva9231287287386.5877435 PostsRegistered 4/5/2008Delaware

Use to sell wigs for several years in a department store. I remember some of the stuff about caring for them. Use only hair picks. Do not brush them, or comb them. U should wash them occasionally. Back then,it was special shampoo we sold. U should also get a styro head form,so when you don't wear the wig,the wig will stay in shape.

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