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Cold Plasam Sub D - does it really work like the pictures?

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I've struggled with a double chin forever, and now that I've added looser skin to the mix with age and weight loss, it's not pretty. The pictures on Perricone's site seem too good to be true, so I wondered what sort of experience you beauties have had with this product? I'm willing to give it a try if it works, but not if it's just hype - I didn't notice any difference with his regular neck cream.

Thank you for your help!!!

ps. Sorry for the typo {#emotions_dlg.blushing}- apparently you can't edit thread titles.

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Tennessee ­Vol1286118194.87435 PostsRegistered 10/2/2008

I hope the new Sub-D works as well as the before and after pictures reflect... I started using it this past Thursday and will definitely post if I experience a change. I will use it twice a day and see what happens.

TooManyCats1286120975.6932694 PostsRegistered 7/5/2009

I like Perricone and use some of his stuff, but I think the Sub D before-and-after pix are preposterous. There are people who have plastic surgery that don't get results that good.

SecondHand­News1286122959.621383 PostsRegistered 11/28/2005

Of course they are too good to be true. If you look closely, you will see people are squishing their chins in for the befores and "swanning" the neck out in the afters. Not only that, but some of the afters are cropped more closely than the befores, so imperfections are cropped out. Those photos are a total sham and I think they should not be using them, but apparently, they're working.

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