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Help! Can you recommend a truly WATERPROOF mascara?

Started 1284226237.38 in Beauty Banter | Last reply 1285425474.353 by Summer21

I have to wear waterproof mascara since my eyes water a lot due to allergies. I had worn Cover Girl's Marathon Mascara since I started wearing make up many, many years ago. A few months ago, I found out it has been discontinued. Why would they do that?? Anyway, since then, I've tried other Cover Girl, Maybelline and Loreal mascaras that claim to be waterproof, but they are NOT. Nothing compares to Marathon. It truly didn't come of until I used makeup remover on it.

So I am looking for suggestions...Anyone know of a mascara out there that truly doesn't come off until you take it off? Thanks!

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ladyroxanne1284227175.20311022 PostsRegistered 3/25/2008northern ca

I wear and have been wearing for at least 12 years Maybelline Great Lash waterproof and it does not budge.

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Sbyrd1284228151.1671264 PostsRegistered 1/27/2009

Bobbi Brown No Smudge. I dont find it to be the best for thickening and lengthening but IMO, its an overall good mascara and it does not budge.

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Longtimesh­op1284228152.21356 PostsRegistered 7/3/2007So Calif

Hi..I wear Clinique Lash Power Mascara Long-Wearing Formula. I was at Sephora store looking for a water proof mascara. The salesgirl suggested it when I was wondering which waterproof mascara to try. She said it would not smudge or flake all day, but, than easy to take off at night. I have tried Loreal, Lancome, Mallys, BareMinerals, Covergirl and others. I still try to find another, but, go back to Clinique after seeing the black smudge under my eyes. Also I have worn two types...first apply the other mascara (just to use up) than the Clinique mascara. I work outdoors so its been wonderful to see no smudges or flaking at the end of the day. Give it a try...

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minky41284228339.18173 PostsRegistered 6/7/2007Pac Northwest

I recently tried Maybelline Colossal Volume Waterproof. I'm actually returning it because it's "too" waterproof, if that makes any sense. I love the idea that it won't come off but can't stand it when I wake up with racoon eyes even after I took it off the night before. Someone who's maybe more diligent at eye makeup removal would probably love it! {#emotions_dlg.biggrin}


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Aura Kala1284281892.957657 PostsRegistered 6/2/2009

Have your lashes dyed by an Esthetician, not a hair stylist. Last 4-6 wks.

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Sandysue1284287895.441293 PostsRegistered 1/15/2007

I use Maybelline Lash Stilletto Waterproof. It stays on until I take it off and is truly waterproof.

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Neela1284290416.5131429 PostsRegistered 8/15/2008Fruit Cove, Florida

Hi Summer21,

For waterproof mascara, I like to use L'Oreal Double Extend Waterproof...I use the primer, then top it with L'Oreal Voluminous Waterproof. I see that you have tried some L'Oreal ones, but this combination has lasted me through swimming, boating, snorkeling, waterparks and surfing.

My daughter, like Sandysue, likes Maybelline Lash Stilletto Waterproof...I think she uses Voluminous Waterproof first, then tops it with Lash Stilletto.

I get heart broken when one of my favorites is discontinued!! I hope that you'll find something you love!

All the best, Neela

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all1284291864.033249 PostsRegistered 2/2/2008IOWA


Here is the deal, though: You have to take it off really well or the next day you will not have great application. I am willing to make the effort with a good eye mu remover just to have a truley waterproof mascara.

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mistyblue1284294521.43523 PostsRegistered 1/10/2007home
Tarte 4 day lash stain. I layer on 2 coats, and it will not budge until I use makeup remover, even baby shampoo doesn't remove it. I like to use it for travel because it stays put forever.

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deja vu1284297801.0276279 PostsRegistered 7/9/2007East Coast

I use Mally's waterproof in the pink tube. I have to use extra jojoba oil to get it all removed.

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Zcat1284297929.7372700 PostsRegistered 2/3/2010Florida

Lancome Definicils makes a waterprood version that is very good. Lancome makes some of the top mascara on the market.

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Zcat1284297930.422700 PostsRegistered 2/3/2010Florida

Lancome Definicils makes a waterprood version that is very good. Lancome makes some of the top mascara on the market.

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SuziB1284523703.07147 PostsRegistered 12/31/2009Pacific Northwest

Go to youtube and watch the Pixiwoo video. They just did a test on this exact thing. I think Estee Lauder won.


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Deb7771284523915.886929 PostsRegistered 6/25/2005
On 9/11/2010 ladyroxanne said:

I wear and have been wearing for at least 12 years Maybelline Great Lash waterproof and it does not budge.

This is what I have to wear on my lower lashes, since I started using under eye creams UGH!! IT WORKS ! No more mascara under my eyes.

Cheap and it works .. and Ive tried the more expensive waterproof mascaras. nothing works like maybelline great lasH...

I do use lancome on the upper lashes... I cant live without that... LOL

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SuziQ212845283392572 PostsRegistered 9/18/2008

Maybelline mascara that is labeled waterproof works great. I take it off with Mary Kay Extra Emollient Cleansing cream. You really have to use a petroleum based product to thoroughly remove any waterproof mascara. For regular skin care , I use Isomers.

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Katmary1284536936.9971724 PostsRegistered 4/24/2006

Another Stilleto user here, I use the red tube for volume. It's one of the better ones I've tried so far. I also have constant eye watering too, it's such a pain! I started trying a new one every few weeks without success, so I'm happy to finally find something that stays on despite my eyes watering, comes off with jojoba oil, and doesn't make my lashes look stumpy. For some reason, either the formulas were super-drying or they made my lashes look short!

Hm, may try L'Oreal's too just to see how it compares.

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Summer211285425474.3441 PostsRegistered 1/27/2010

Thanks everyone for your suggestions! Currently, I'm using Cover Girl's Waterproof Professional Mascara, and it's okay for the price, but certainly not the best. When it's gone, I plan to start with the Maybelline products you suggested (Lash Stilletto showed up a lot!) and go from there. I appreciate your help!

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