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Those weird "lines" on Oprah's face!

Started 1305667161.59 in Among Friends | Last reply 1306112562.767 by kelseygirl

I have wondered about that for a long time. Does anyoe else notice the vertical lines down the sides of her face - especially on her right side? Surely it's not makeup intended to be slenderizing. If it is she needs to have a discussion with her makeup artist! It's very distracting. Sometimes it looks like she's just had a nap and has a crease down her face.

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Sile1305667589.4771224 PostsRegistered 2/3/2010
I have been bugged by those for years.

Allegheny1305674660.3131604 PostsRegistered 7/14/2007PA

Me too.

snap-crack­le-pop1305675247.024588 PostsRegistered 9/10/2006

Just today I was flipping channels and noticed those strange lines...really strange

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only shops­ online1305679816.0075956 PostsRegistered 10/17/2006

I've never noticed them, but I haven't watched in a long time either. My guess is that it is make-up. I saw a show once that featured her make-up guy. And, he was demonstrating how he gets the various different effects that he creates with make-up. Maybe they are really visible now because of HDTV. Just a guess.

Maggie Nol­ia1305821071.6314669 PostsRegistered 1/30/2006

HIAJ. Something she promoted in a b-i-g way. Said she uses it.

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SophiaMarie1305862386.616732 PostsRegistered 3/17/2010
On 5/19/2011 Maggie Nolia said:

HIAJ. Something she promoted in a b-i-g way. Said she uses it.

What is that???

I have also noticed the line running down the right side of her face and I think it's when she has gained a few more pounds. It's definitely not the makeup. If anything, they would try to conceal the line with makeup. It's just something she has to live with, I guess....... I have seen the line way before HDTV.....

JustPeachy1305935067.5831048 PostsRegistered 5/16/2008

Yes! I thought I was just imaging it, then I thought it was the lighting. If it's the makeup artists way of slenderizing her face I think its high time to get a new makeup artist!

marygray1305938200.38347973 PostsRegistered 5/8/2005

You guys are nuts. Don't know why you are just now noticing them. They have been there for years.

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Gooday1305944327.65712068 PostsRegistered 1/20/2008

Whatever she pays her makeup man is not enough! Yowza! I live in Chicago and she has been on the news a lot. She had a lunch the other day and they showed her walking into Art Smith's restaurant and she looked like she just got out of bed. Hardly any makeup and I'm hear to tell ya' it was not a good look at all.

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Luckylu II1305947828.3871408 PostsRegistered 2/7/2011

I've always wondered if I'm the only one that saw the lines.

Her makeup and the lighting on her show do wonders for her. Does she use those straps that pull her face back? Having lost weight time and again........And whenever you see her without makeup, it's a huge difference.

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Jetsmom1306037448.261173 PostsRegistered 4/21/2009S.E. GA.

Her long time make up artist is no longer there. I started noticing the lines after the new one started, but don't know how long that has been. She introduced him one day recently.

kelseygirl1306112562.751225 PostsRegistered 6/2/2009

I've noticed them too. You know she has the best make up people and lighting on TV. So I don't know what the heck happened.


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