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What does "BUMP" mean?

Started 1304975843.693 in Among Friends | Last reply 1305046841.347 by MsEsq

Once in a while, I see entries that people have made and all it says is BUMP. What does that mean?

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~SunDee~1304976151.539683 PostsRegistered 6/7/2010

I wonder this myself for a long time. It means that posting "bump" sends the thread back up to the top.

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MsEsq1305046841.347144 PostsRegistered 8/31/2006

Every time someone adds an answer to a topic, it moves that topic back up to the top of the list. But if no one is answering, often the original poster will "answer" by typing BUMP which will move the topic to the top for a chance for more people to see it, read it and respond. "Bump" isn't a real answer because it doesn't provide new information/opinion, but it works the same way. Wink

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