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Gifts under $15 (unisex for adults) - Need suggestions please

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Anyone have any recommendations for my Secret Santa gift that must be under $15, unisex & for an adult? Just got invited to a Christmas eve party. The only gift I can think of is a compact disc (just pick a popular band/artist).

Help......need more ideas


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DINOBABY1292803025.153493 PostsRegistered 4/21/2009

How about a coffee mug or travel coffee mug and a bag of coffee, like Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts. You can always get a gift card to a store or restaurant. I can't think of anything else at the moment. Hope this helps.

millieshops1292803136.4816662 PostsRegistered 3/15/2007

Anyone else still use a disposible camera once in a while?

Something for the home office -- a pair of scissors, a magnifying glass....?

funluvin1292803228.767212 PostsRegistered 7/4/2010

Thanks for your ideas. Anyone else?

SophiaMarie1292803265.246732 PostsRegistered 3/17/2010

How about a picture frame???

beach-mom1292803583.91710527 PostsRegistered 8/1/2007Mid-Atlantic

I've done a lot of these. Candy and food are always popular, especially nuts or chocolate covered nuts or pretzels. Flashlights are too. Anything from Starbucks goes over well with people. We usually split women and men, then you can do anything snowman related (in my experience this is always a winner with women) or a candle.

Halcyon1292803634.1171570 PostsRegistered 11/18/2010

Unisex AND under a dollar amount? I know it can be done, but the pressure of these kinds of parameters always puts me in a tizzy, and I usually draw a horrible blank. A gift card is an obvious fail safe, but, well, it is so uninspired.

I will watch this thread for ideas. In the mean time, I wish you luck.

Oh my; how positively lovely!

BurbankKate1292803745.1076188 PostsRegistered 11/18/2007Home of: Disney Studios,W. Bros, Nickelodeon, Cartoon network, media capital of the world



Christmas Ornament

Gift Card for groceries, a book store, macy's or specialty store

Box of Good chocolates (not whitmans, yech) you know, you can get an 8oz box of godiva for $15.00

Movie Tickets

Peanut brittle, or toffee...or any christmas candy assortment.

Gift certificate for a haircut

Fast food gift card = McDonalds, Wendy's or...?

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SophiaMarie1292803821.7136732 PostsRegistered 3/17/2010

A big tin of butter cookies sounds like a winner too.

Tiki Mommy1292803998.35362 PostsRegistered 5/27/2005

How about a nice book? I love to browse the clearance section of the book stores - there are so many interesting and unusual books.

MandaKay00­211292804517.4331351 PostsRegistered 12/9/2010Knoxville, Tn

I'd do a gift card...they are always a favorite when we play Dirty Santa at my work. Just put it in a big bag so no one knows that its a gift card {#emotions_dlg.biggrin}

purrmom1292809308.93400 PostsRegistered 5/27/2010Mid-MO


FrostyBabe1292810554.8273299 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004in the vicinity of an area adjacent to a location

iTunes gift card

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LaterGator1292814061.82310299 PostsRegistered 1/9/2007

Cracker Barrell restaurants have the most unusual gifts in their stores. I love browsing there and have purchased some great things, let alone the old fashioned candy.

There's a great gift shop in Jackson, TN called Casey Jones Restaurant and County Store. I can't make any specific suggestion for a gift but if you are near this type of store, go there and get your ideas. Great places.

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