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Adopted--How do I get a Birth Certificate?

Started 1262892969 in Among Friends | Last reply 1263135847 by Libbylady
I was reading a forum here about the new documentation that is needed to renew a driver's license. I don't have a birth certificate (I was born in Ohio) because I was adopted. My parents have both died, and I have no adoption records. How do I obtain such things so that I can renew my driver's license?

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qvcfreak12628999036529 PostsRegistered 3/14/2005
Birth Certificates are obtained at the City Deparment of where you were born. If you know the city in Ohio where you born, I would call them and then find out what you need to do. Mine was stolen and recently I had to go and get another one because I needed it for my passport. It took about 10 - 15 minutes and it only cost $16.

Financialg­rl12629051005489 PostsRegistered 8/21/2006Virginia
I had to get another recently. Different states handle it differently in that they may call it by different names. I was born in PA and I had to write the Bureau of Vital Statistics. I believe I needed my parents name, where I was born and the day.
Someone here may be able to address the adoption aspect such as whether they reissue a birth certificate when you are adopted due to confidentiality issues. Not sure how that part may work.

Winifred1262906311101 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004
Am sure states handle it differently. But if you were legally adopted, approved by court procedure, there is a new birth certificate issued in your adopted name. I believe even if it is a private adoption, there is still a final court procedure. I know a couple of people who were adopted OR had a child adopted and this is the way it was handled. Your adoptive parents should have left some paperwork on it also. Good Luck!

AfghanQueen12629070702269 PostsRegistered 9/21/2006Kentucky
I'm sure you can use the internet to find out how and where to obtain birth records in Ohio. In Kentucky all birth certificates are requested from an office in the state capital, and for adopted children, birth certificates show only the names of the adoptive parents. If that is the case in Ohio, you would just need to provide your name, date of birth, and adoptive parents names for your B/C to be located.

PinkyPetun­ia12629073274688 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004NJ
Kimby, what documents did you use to get your drivers license originally? You must have had to produce a birth certificate at that time. If you have a Passport you can use that instead of a birth certificate.

Snowpuppy12629253267084 PostsRegistered 12/2/2005Up North, MI
If your parents went thru court proceedings in Ohio and had your name changed (first/middle/last) and/or your adoptive parents added to your birth certificate, you can write to the Bureau of Vital Statistics in Columbus. That is the only office in the state that will issue a 'corrected' birth certificate. You can go in person and do your own search if you are close by.
You can try the county Clerk's office where you were born in Ohio as well, if you know. Most small cities do not have a vital records office. If it's a small town you might have someone in the Clerk's Office who could search by your name(s) and your DOB. County offices only have the original birth certificate filed by the hospital. It may say Baby Girl Kimby with no parents listed but it should have a DOB.
The other choice would be to try the hospital where you were born, if it still exists. Sometimes they keep their own records. This is especially true if the hospital is or was a faith based hospital like a Catholic or Jewish Hospital.
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Kimby126296634024 PostsRegistered 11/6/2005
Thank you for all of the help. I will try to obtain the correct documents online. I only know that I was born in Cleveland. I don't know what hospital. My parents never told me any information and seemed to have destroyed it all before they died. I got my first driver's license 45 years ago and apparentely I didn't need to have a birth certificate back then.

gisselle23312629692323371 PostsRegistered 3/24/2006
.....it doesn't sound like you were legally adopted. You really should take care of this immediately, it's not just about a driver's license, you will need a birth certificate for Social Security benefits, you will need one if you want a passport. You need one for a state i.d., many jobs require them to verify citizenship. There are a lot of holes in your story. Taking it at face value, you should find an attorney who specializes in adoptions. I'm sure it won't be inexpensive but you have to verify the facts of your "adoption" and you need the documents and your birth certificate. Even if your adoption was legal, adoptions were confidential back then, the documents were sealed, including your original birth certificate. You can't just go to the internet and find what you are looking for.

MopsyGirl12629696702576 PostsRegistered 2/15/2008
OP - I adopted two children. Once the adoption was final, we received a birth certificate that had our names listed as the parents. The parent information is ours (ours street address, state, etc.) So, I'm thinking you should go to the state that you were adopted in, not born in.
Best of luck to you!

Kimby126297330424 PostsRegistered 11/6/2005
I was born and adopted in Ohio. It was a legal adoption. My mother wasn't a nice person and didn't want me to have information. That is why she got rid of everything before she died. I haven't needed a passport as an adult (I did have one when I was a child). I have found information on an Ohio website and I am writing to them to have my papers "opened". I think then I will be able to obtain my birth certificate.

Snowpuppy12629739657084 PostsRegistered 12/2/2005Up North, MI
Kimby, I can sympathize with your situation, more than I care to post.
If your parents went thru normal chanels to adopt you, Vital Statistics in Columbus will have a corrected birth certificate for you. You may want to print out the paper form online and include a letter with as much info as you can give them. There is an online service but I wouldn't use it if they have to research your records.
People think of adoptions in today's terms. It wasn't always so 60+ yrs ago.
Back in those years, if your birth mom was a single parent she may have given birth at the old Women's Hospital or the Booth Memorial hospital which was run by Salvation Army. Both are closed.
I wish you the best in your search. :-x

Kimby126298006024 PostsRegistered 11/6/2005
Snowpuppy-Thank you so much for being helpful. It is a difficult "project" but I think that I will be able to obtain enough information in order to renew my driver's license. That's all that I want to do--I'm not starting a search for any relatives. I wish that I had renewed my license before 2010 because that's when the new law took affect.

newshound61263015438586 PostsRegistered 5/8/2008
I too, am adopted, 52 yrs ago -things then were most definitely not like they are today. I have a birth certificate issued one year after my actual birth date it's from Ohio -and I was born in Florida.

irish mama12630467844492 PostsRegistered 5/10/2007
> Thank you for all of the help. I will try to obtain
> the correct documents online. I only know that I was
> born in Cleveland. I don't know what hospital. My
> parents never told me any information and seemed to
> have destroyed it all before they died. I got my
> first driver's license 45 years ago and apparentely I
> didn't need to have a birth certificate back then.
I'm guessing you must be around 60-62. I am amazed that you have never had to produce a birth cert. until now.
I'm 53 and have had my license renewed a few time, I needed a BC for a marriage license, passport, employment. etc.
My daughter was a foreign adoption 15 years ago and had no problem getting a her birth cert. good luck to you. Katie

Stardust21263075398928 PostsRegistered 4/9/2006Ca.
Contact the ALMA society. After 50 years I found a sister through them.
http://www.almasociety.org/ Good luck.

Libbylady12631358471665 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004
For you "ladies of a certain age" who have an interest in adoptions from the 40's - 60's, I just finished reading a fascinating book on this topic.
"The Girls Who Went Away" by Anne Fessler is a collection of stories from the perspective of the birth mothers at that time. I found it to be a real eye-opener.
I was a young woman at that time and descriptions of the attitudes of that period were spot on.
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