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I am so disappointed--I have probably 15 Tignanello Modern Mix Totes accumulated in the past 2 years or so in a wide variety of colors. I love the organization features, the exterior pockets, the pebble leather and I could go on. These are the only bags I own now. Since I have a wide variety of colors, I change them out every 3-4 weeks or so depending on the season so none of them get any extreme wear, they are gently worn. Yesterday, I realized my black one with the satin metal stripes and handles was starting to "peel" like sunburn on the handles......vinyl, not leather like the rest of the bag. I had to superglue the $100+ handles on the bag. I heard they were lowering the quality of the bags, but this really is unacceptable. What do you do with a beautiful leather bag with crummy, peeling handles? You cannot replace the handles. I guess that will be happening on the other ones I have that are more recent purchases. I have also noticed that other newer ones in Macy's have vinyl handles, bottom, and areas inside around the pockets. This is a true rip off so buyer beware. By the way, don't bother to go to customer service at www.tignanello.com because the "customer service" and "contact us" are DEAD links. Yet when they are on-air they blather about these bags lasting generations--maybe for a fruit fly. I won't buy another one. I will purchase the Coach as much as I have resisted--but at least they have a lifetime warranty.

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Thanks for your story! I have seen these bags at TJMaxx but didn't pay attention to the details. Kiss

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I wish she'd stop saying the compartment bags are like clown cars.

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