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Christopher Kon bags?

Started 1323315943.573 in All About Handbags | Last reply 1323362499.603 by beatlefan

Anyone seen any of these bags in person? I ordered one a couple of days ago from the southern channel. It looked great on the TV but wondering what it will be like in person. Any opinions/comments? Thanks!

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SilverFilly1323332923.343289 PostsRegistered 12/25/2009

I've only had the chance to see one, a larger sized black tote, at TJ Maxx. I thought it was pretty nice and I think maybe like $149.99. It seemed of nice quality - it caught my eye on the black bag aisle. I'm not sure how they hold up over the long haul, but I'd buy one if I found a style I loved. I hope you like your bag! Smile

Panders1323339902.941984 PostsRegistered 10/19/2011North Carolina

I have seen the show on HSN just a few days ago and they look beautiful. Let us know how you like your new bag.


beatlefan1323362499.6378 PostsRegistered 6/28/2009

Thanks for the replies. I am anxious to receive my bag.

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