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Samantha Brown luggage f/b??

Started 1315497451.85 in All About Accessories | Last reply 1317211075.677 by Nickname2

She has the TS on HSN today (Thurs.) & the lightweight luggage is very appealing. Saw mixed reviews on her last TS from June all complaining about the wheels but those were spinners. The TS today has the usual in-line skate wheels. Does anyone have any of her luggage?

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Meladen1315509948.23785 PostsRegistered 9/13/2006

I ordered this, but I'm on the fence about canceling. I really like the tote bag, but I don't really think I need the suitcase, and it would be a pain to return. I've had sort of spotty luck with ordering luggage from shopping channels, and I'm thinking it's the type of thing I should really get in person.

roysee1315518150.2072 PostsRegistered 8/30/2011

I just want the tote bag.

rogan1315524252.672168 PostsRegistered 8/29/2007

I went with the purple TS. If it's good, will go back for the 28". Love the fact that's it nearly weightless. And btw, I did see Samantha fill the big piece in the separate travel kit and then put that whole packed piece inside the TS roller.

ckb1316001281.8471 PostsRegistered 9/14/2011

I ordered this in the red, expecting to return it, but it's a keeper..sorry QVC! I thought it would be cheap, and flimsy, but wow. I was skeptical,thinking it would be too heavy, but it is so lightweight and easy to lift with all the handles on it.

The tote/flightbag was a bit of a disappointment because I think the plastic handle will eventually crack, I would have preferred a fabric and the lining seems cheap, but I'm only going to be using this while traveling, and not as an every day tote so it will be great for me.

rogan1316044390.1472168 PostsRegistered 8/29/2007

I also received and love my purple set. Super well made and light as a feather. Solid zippers, stitching, wheels, etc. Very happy with it. $99 well spent. Plan to fill in with a few more pieces.

ITA about the tote handle. It was the only disappointment. It should have been the same fabric as the rest of the bag. Who knows, it may hold up forever but doubtful. I can't imagine why that change in fabric was made, maybe to look like leather. Oh well. It can always be covered up with a fabric sleeve later. I do love the layout of the pockets on the tote. Some thought was put into them.

Nickname21317211075.591 PostsRegistered 9/28/2011

I had the "pleasure" of taking this luggage to Europe recently and it was a nightmare. The only redeeming thing about the luggage is that it looks fashionable. After that, it fails in almost every respect. First of all the tote handle needs to be a couple inches longer. Once filled, there's no way to put it on your shoulder. It would have been nice to have that capability. The wheels do not work three quarters of the time and I would not consider this luggage for anyone who is not going from home to a car to an airport and back into a car again. Dragging it down uneven sidewalks or worse yet,across cobblestones, is simply not going to work. You'll end up carrying it more than you should have to and at that point, you'll question whether or not it is really "light." When I contacted HSN, they ADMITTED that they were aware the suitcase did not function properly but they would not take it back after the 30 days. I've now lost confidence in HSN (and Samantha Brown who I cannot imagine dragged this luggage around the world herself) because they do not stand by the products they sell for more than 30 days. Don't go down this road, QVC. You're better than that.

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