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Re: Unable To Register My New HP Laptop at the premierpcsupport/life Website

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I initially had the same problem. (See my previous posts) However, this morning when I logged on, a QVC Community member had posted an 800# to contact Premier PC Support. I called, and within less than an hour I received a call back and was guided through a process that gave me an icon on my desktop. The icon will enable me to "chat" with a technician. Many computers use this same chat type venue. The person that called me from Premier PC Support was very kind, understanding and articulate. He explained a lot about Windows 8 and also that they are really back logged with thousands of pe... Continue Reading


Re: Trouble with Premier PC Support on 17.3" HP Laptop

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Just another wee note. Thanks to ShippyLuv posting that 800# (855-234-8357)! I called the # this morning and told the person that answered that I wanted to make sure I was registered. She took my info, and within less than an hour a very nice man called and guided me through the rest of the process. He was very kind, articulate and understanding. Now I have an icon on my desktop, which I will use anytime I have any PC concerns. He explained that it is done in a "chat" type venue, which other computers I have had also used. He said the the technician who would "chat" would have access t... Continue Reading


Re: Trouble with Premier PC Support on 17.3" HP Laptop

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Thank you to all those (6- as of 12-13-12) who replied to my post. Especially good to know I wasn't the only one having trouble with Premier PC Support! I did not know that I had to include all the info from QVC (order number etc., as outlined by RBW1234- Thank you!) I will write them yet another (#3) email with that info. Especially grateful to ShippyLuv for providing the 800 #- I shall try them as soon as I post this. I do realize the large volume of computers sold that day may be overwhelming. All in all, I do like the hp laptop (I got the 17" screen.) Can we keep this thread going... Continue Reading


Trouble with Premier PC Support on 17.3" HP Laptop

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I got my new HP Laptop on the 6th, and so far I really love it. HOWEVER the highly lauded Premier PC Support has been NON EXISTENT. QVC gave me an 800# to call (for the software provider, "PC Treasures") and I was on hold for 30 minutes! Email (required to register) that I sent on the 7th have been unanswered, and I have never received the 800# from Premier PC Support that connects me with the highly lauded support. Has anyone else had this problem? I really like the laptop, but this so called "support" was one of the reasons I bought this computer. The Trend Micro virus software is wor... Continue Reading

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