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Re: More Magic with Mason Jars. Try my DIY Sewing Kit!

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Love these. My Mom and I made decorated mason jars for everyone in the family years ago. This is a new idea for me. After all these years maybe my daughter and I can make these for everyone! Thanks Jill! Continue Reading


Re: Let's Make Vegetarian Taco Cups!

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One day it's 40 and the next it's 86. Rain for a week the the sun broke out and we have June in April. This is strange I can't tell what month it is. I love your shows and am becoming really fond of all of you. I have learned so much about every thing you sell and especially gardening and your foodie info. I go out to eat and recognize things you have shown me. You said you'll soon be 50. That is nifty @ 50 on my cozzie. Fifty is different. Twenty to thirty is too. I'm 55 so you are just a baby. Ha! Ha! Hope you have a great night... see you on Wednesday! Continue Reading


Re: Learn How to Make Mini Honey-Wheat Muffins: Yummy, Healthy, and Bite-Size!

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Can I get these on automated order? Love you. Have a great Friday night. We will go to eat with family. They are on the road so we will make the most of a Friday night. See you Saturday. Continue Reading


Re: How to Wear a Convertible Backpack

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Love this style. You are great. See you tonight! Continue Reading


Re: It’s in the Bag!!! Chat with Patrick on Wednesday, 4/23!

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I know I'm back after my supper for 2 more hours of fun. I was message 18. Forgot to tell you this is my first quacktastic day... But not my last. Thanks for the fun day. Love you all. Will be here till ITKWD is done and probably till tomorrow's TSV . Love to all who see this. Nancy Continue Reading


Re: It’s in the Bag!!! Chat with Patrick on Wednesday, 4/23!

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Yes! You all are so much fun. This day is going by so fast.love you Patrick! Continue Reading


Re: It’s in the Bag!!! Chat with Patrick on Wednesday, 4/23!

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I got the blue anchor and the pink and green palm tree. Blue pants and lime pants. Will share the bags with my college daughter. Could you get Carolyn and Angel to give the grommet color on all the matching pants. What color Chrystal's are on the white? Continue Reading


Re: Carolyn & Dan’s Pawparazzi Showcase

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I have a white rabbit with red eyes. She is Alba the albino. We rescued her last June so this is her first Easter with our family. Last year we had Taffy who was a seven year old black and white English spot. We got Alba because Taffy crossed the rainbow bridge and we were so sad without her. We know the new girl was the best thing... We saved her before her time ran out. All these cute pictures let me know that all you love your pets as much as we do. Love and Happiness to all of you and to Dan and Carolyn and your fur babies. Continue Reading


Re: Mary Beth's Menu - Easter Fun with the Kids Edition

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Happy Easter! I was watching you two ladies on LCNY just now. I had to wish you Happy Anniversary! I'm Nancy and my Hubby is John. We were married in Savannah, Ga. 31 years ago today. Just think we share this special date and I also am in my 50's. You ladies are so fun it really made my day to watch this morning. Love the LCNY style. Wish I could come see you at QVC or you could visit me down here in North Florida. Have a wonderful day! Continue Reading


Re: Your Spring Statement Piece

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Have been watching you all day. Your designs and the colors are wonderful. It is always great to watch when you are on and I love the things I've bought from your collection. You always bring joy and make me glad to watch QVC! Love you! Continue Reading

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