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Re: Denim & Co. Chat of the Week 11/4 at 11:00 am ET

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Hi there, As a Denim and Co fanatic, I found a tunic top last Spring that I didn't want to take off. I've looked for the same fabric in a long sleeved top and don't see one. The item # is A254819, "knit terry". Am I missing the winter version? If there is not a long sleeved or 3/4 sleeve in this material, please consider this! Thanks, Sharrie Continue Reading


Re: Fast or Slow?

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Hi Meredith, I am buying this for my daughter who is a very busy business lady. If she puts ingredients in the inner pot the night before and gets it out of the frig in the morning, how much extra time do you think would be required for cold pot and ingredients to cook properly? thanks, Sharrie Continue Reading


Re: My Friend Fitbit

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for you adviseHello, Ladies, I am very interested in the Fitbit, but I have a question. If I put the Fotbit on my shoe, will it count the miles I do on my stationary bike? I am motivated and would probably go farther with more incentive. Tanks, in advance, for your help. Sharrie Continue Reading


Re: I'm Back!

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Hi Linda. I'm enjoying your 2 hr show today!! I am a Mom-type personal shopper for a very busy, attorney/daughter who loves Liz clothing. She is 5,4" and loves that you are doing petite skirts Have you given any thought to offering just a few petite shirts? I'm also a fan and buy " one for Kim and one for me" often. Can you think about more.necklines that are V necked? So many of your tops are the same shape and my clavicle ares is not the best. I like to hide it. Just a request your new neckline treatments a absolutely wonderful. Both of my daughter love them- perfect for work wi... Continue Reading



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Hello , D & Co! I am a great fan. The clothes fit consistantly ( rare for other brands ) and the style is so great for an XL 65 yr old. I have a question about the snap-front top A215900. This shirt is my favorite because of 1.the fabric- Feels silkery and softer than other shirts, 2. the fit- the bottom seems to flare out just a little so the the " tummy" is not emphsized. Do you have a way I can tell is a shirt may be this fasbric? I'd grab some more in a minute!!! Also, a request. I'd love more v neck variations. I feel slimmer with this shape in the neckline. Thanks f... Continue Reading


Re: Vivacious Velvet TSV & Susan Graver PIN to WIN!

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Susan, You are such a gifted designer! I agree with another blogger, that we need more of your Butterknits, please! One suggestion I make with respect- You do not need to "overserll" in your ever-increasing frenetic dancing, swishing, talking way too loudly over the host. You are totally forgetting your designs are "lady-like", dignified and speak for themselves. You have become a distraction! We mute the TV and enjoy your fashions rather than get a headache from the screaching. Trust yourself as the talented designer you are NOT the sidewalk hustler you seem to be. Be a "lady". Continue Reading

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