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Pandigital Tablet

Last Reply by MAmom 1354309814.307 | Started by Jancy in Electronics Talk

I purchased a Pandigital Tablet a few months ago, within 2-3 months it no longer worked. Where the plug connects to to tablet it would no longer go in, I read on the reviews recently that i was not the only one with this problem. How do we all get our money back for our Defected Purchase??? Help Please!!!!!!! Continue Reading


Re: what happened to those christmas trees with dual multi light options and remote control?

In For the Home Talk 1353789030.69

Is it me or anyone else finding that there are less options for christmas lights and ornaments, every yr it seems i have to replace the lights and it is insane. Where can I find good christmas lights without buying new strands yrly. I remember the old days our parents had lights and ornaments that lasted forever it seemed. Bring them all back. Our economy is so bad we cannot afford to keep buying the same old thing yr after yr. Help us Continue Reading


Re: What Is Your Child Wishing For This Christmas? Take Our Poll!

In For the Home Talk, Electronics Talk, Q News 1353788631.94

My children are wanting remote control Helicopters and cars, tablets, phones. I would like them at affordable prices with easy pay. Continue Reading


Fireplaces - Furniture

Started by Jancy in For the Home Talk 1353788359.863

I was wondering why some of the most expensive items that QVC sells is not on easy payments much. I love the Fireplaces and the high end ones are never on sale nor are they on easypay. I look at the furniture as well I would love to own some but again too expensive and not on easypay. I appreciate the items more when i am able to afford it. Please consider putting the higher items you sell QVC at a affordable price for us along with 6 payments so we can buy them too. I know I am not the only one who would like to purchase more but unable to afford these things. Tyvm ... Continue Reading


Re: Check out one of the BEST Value's of the Year!

In Electronics Talk, Hosts & Personalities, TSV Talk 1353787929.517

I would like some inoformation about the battery on this Hp computer, how long will it stay charge? Do i need to replace the battery after a yr like my old comp i am replacing? Continue Reading

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