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Re: Dell is back! Check out the Windows 8 Dell 20" All-in-One with Touchpad!

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HELP PLEASE I just got WIndows 8 and my only problem is in the mail APP the font will not stay changed during a letter. It starts on #12, I need a 14 size font and it can revert back to #12 on the next sentence OR next paragraph. I bring up the strip on bottom to change the font but again and again it wont stay! I cannot get Microsoft to help me and tech supp says I need to go to them If I cant get help on here....... then this nice computer goes back. Im so frustrated. Can this be fixed to STAY or is it a glitch in Win 8???? Continue Reading


Re: Accessorize Your Brand New HP G-Series Laptop!

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HELP!!!!!!!!!! I dont know how to start a subject on here to post . I just got Windows8, my one big problem with 2 computers I have tried now is that in the mail APP, the font will not stay in place. I write an email and each paragraph OR sentence the font reverts back to #12, I want it on size 14 and to STAY. I cant get anyone to help me. Tech supp. says contact Microsoft... I cant find correct # or site or any phone number. ANYONE, CAN YOU HELP ME??? Continue Reading

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