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Re: The New White Shirt by Attitudes by Renée

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Renee, I just love your clothes. I have many pairs of pants and leggings which is all I really wear, except on Sunday to church because I am retired and I require comfort. I am 62 years young and it is wonderful people like yourself who inspire me to want to keep it real and as youthful as I can going forward. You have a warm and inviting personality and I admire that you tell it like it is, being who you are!! I will always support you and you just keep blessing us with the kind of apparel that helps us to feel and look better. God bless you, my Dear. (Please make sure that QVC always ... Continue Reading


Re: Gel Nails are Easy with Mally, a Step by Step Guide

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You are wonderful!! Great Host, Intelligent, beautiful, contagious laugh, beautiful smile etc... It's a shame you cannot bottle what you have and sell it. If you could, you would be a billionaire quickly!! Then you'd be in the 1%! Oh well, it would be nice to be there anyway. Love you. Now, it is true that you can sell me anything!! HAPPY THANKSGIVING AND MERRY CHRISTMAS. Continue Reading


Re: The Countdown Is On

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I enjoyed reading about the nursery and everything. You are gorgeous while pregnant and of course when you are not. Your hair is really sexy long like that. Don't cut it after the baby comes!! I understand where you are right now. This stage can bring about mixed emotions and thoughts about what it all will be like. Don't worry a bit, God has equipped us women to have what we need when it will be needed. Get ready for sleepless nights and days, too, sometimes but it's amazing how the body adjusts and just remember, each day that passes puts you closer to the end of the sleepless nights... Continue Reading


Re: The Calm Before The Holiday Storm!

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Renee, You go girl!!! I love when you are on because the clothes fit so well and they look great wash after wash and the styles are all on trend. You also bring a dimension to QVC that they need more of. You represent people who a fun-loving but serious about delivering a great product. You are a beautiful woman and I hope QVC will seek more people of color not only as Host but bringing products, particularly, makeup products that are perfect for us. Please consider bringing some nice jackets for us in all colors. Suit type jackets!! I have enough sporty and jean jackets. :) HAPPY THA... Continue Reading


Re: Making it Easy with Temp-tations

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Love temptations. Own a lot. You are one of the classiest women on QVC and TV. You are an excellent Host and an asset to QVC. You have a wonderful personality that displays warmth and care. You are one of the reasons I continue to shop QVC. God bless you and your family this holiday season. Continue Reading


Re: Thankful November

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Hi Rachel, You are a beautiful woman and Host. You do a wonderful job and you always look good, very stylish, and love your laugh and your hair. I always watch Jane and Pat on Friday mornings and was elated that you joined them. I must say, and I could be wrong, but Jane and Pat appear to be a little standoffish with you and I feel it's because you have a strong personality coupled with your intelligence and great looks, it's normally jealousy with women!! :) I know, you will probably say it's not like that because it's the right thing for you to say. I understand. I have been there, d... Continue Reading


Re: November 16 Will Be Beautifully Brilliant

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I like bare minerals foundation mainly because it does not come off on my clothes like all the other zillion foundation brands I have used. It is a little ashey on my skin. Maybe I should be using a deeper color. I use golden deep now. I would also like to know why you never use African American models on air at QVC (and anywhere else) with the deeper skin tones so we can see exactly how it looks on the darker skin tones? Of course, QVC never has an African American model in the chair with any of the Host when presenting make up for any brand. Continue Reading

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