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Re: What Made You Happy Today?

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On 5/16/2013 Usedtobeoxox said: today is my 20th wedding anniversary Sorry but I got into this late. I hope you had a wonderful anniversary and that you and your wonderful hubby have a wonderful year! xoxo MaryKatie Continue Reading


Re: Sally Jesse Raffel, red glasses to boot

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Most of the members of my family have attended a Soringer taping! I never could watch his show. Creepy kinda people. ...Oprah was a show I loved watching but the last 5 years ...either she changed or I did. Lost interest. Since I'm a Chicago gal it goes without saying that I've been to her show tapings. She was very nice but very standoffish. Xo Continue Reading



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I've four DIL and they couldn't be nicer. I've known three since they were in grade school and the last one since middle school. All neighbor girls...the mothers of my granddolls!! I've been so darn lucky in my relationship with my family. The whole crowd lives around us with the furthest being three blocks! I have GKids here every morning so Papa takes them to school and picks them up after school where they stay with us til their folks come home!...so OT! Sorry! ........edited to wish you congratulations on your newest addition to your family...who knows , next year at this time there may b... Continue Reading


Re: Sally Jesse Raffel, red glasses to boot

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She had such an interesting talk show on TV. I hardly ever missed a show. She had good common sense and a practical view on things! What a sweetheart! Continue Reading


Re: Type 2 Diabetes

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I assumed that you and your husband had diabetes classes and had seen a dietitian. Coming up with tasty meals wasn't hard in the beginning but after a few years I needed a little help. I found my library had a wealth of meal ideas. Easy and fun, makes meal time interesting and tasty. He doesn't feel like he is missing out on anything! ......EXCEPT THAT DARN CHOCOLATE ...lol ;-) Continue Reading


Re: Type 2 Diabetes

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On 5/16/2013 violann said: MaryKate does DH like dark chocolate? I have a couple "treat" type recipes that I can share if you can use them. I might even have xchanges- I'll check. He adores dark chocolate. I'd be pleased with any you would care to share! Continue Reading


Re: Apologies to Three really nice Ladies

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On 5/16/2013 SeaGal said: On 5/16/2013 dooBdoo said: On 5/16/2013 MaryKateDanaher said: On 5/16/2013 SeaGal said: To those that insist on badgering MaryKate, if you didnt see it, you werent offended right? I am speaking to the couple posters here that dont seem to want to let it go. Move on. ps~ I have no prior knowledge of MKD as a poster but I accept that she has apologized, I will take my own advice and move on now... Last edited on 5/16/2013 Thank you Sea Gal and dooBdoo...xoxo it means more than I can say.....just one left! ;-) You're welcome, MaryKateDanaher. It's all good, and I agre... Continue Reading


Re: I find QVC amazing for this simple reason

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On 5/15/2013 SeaGal said: On 5/15/2013 eisus2 said: On 5/15/2013 mistriTsquirrel said: LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! <em>Millions</em> of people are reading our posts...they just aren't logged on. I'm sure there's some truth to that. I read for a long time before I made an account . My sister and two cousins read here. I originally found this site on a housewives blog roll and it , (blog roll) is followed by thousands of fans so I wouldn't be surprised the amount of people who lurk! A few of my FB friends are here at least 2-3 times a week. None have any interest in signing up! Every once in... Continue Reading


Re: Is anyone still watching RHOC?

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I stopped watching almost all the Bravo shows. Im tired of Andy Cohen, he's become pretty smarmy to me! .....OT....Top Chef, a show I have always enjoyed, will not see me in attendance this season. That darn Anthony Bourdain killed the show for me. But I am looking forward to Next Network Star. As goofy as this will sound, I'm looking forward to New Jersey HW. I like Teresa! ( don't shoot me ) Continue Reading


Re: I'm seeing a pretty clear resemblance

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On 5/16/2013 wildcherry said: Not that it has any relevance in my life, but now that this has been brought up, if you google Alex Roldan, you will see a photo of him and Khloe side by side. I believe he is her real dad. I will believe this until it is proven otherwise, if it ever is. Way too much of a resemblance to be denied. Celebs have been known to deny until they cannot deny any longer. I couldn't post the photo. Last edited on 5/16/2013 I checked it out and do see a resemblance. How old is the mother? To be honest I just don't watch the show or news items about them. Sad for the girl t... Continue Reading

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