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Re: logo

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It's not just you. How about the constant use of "obsessed" (Logo), "figure flattering" (Susan Graver) or "fresh"? Nails on a blackboard! Continue Reading


Re: The Holiday Season… and Please Vote!

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Danny, I was just checking out your new pieces online and was very excited to see an Adi Paz Star of David...until I saw that they were done in crystals. PLEASE, bring a Mogan Dovid in diamond. I know that it would have a significant price tag, but it would be worth it to get a piece that is made in Israel. QVC has many, many crosses in gold and diamond, but no Star of David. Thank you for all of your beautiful jewelry. Continue Reading


Re: Warm summer nights... bright summer days...

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I adore you jewelry and have more than a few pieces. Your mixed metal pieces are exquisite, but I have yet to see a mogan Dovid in that line. PLEASE, I can't be the only only one hoping for a "star of David" in mixed metal. Continue Reading


Re: QVC Mourns the passing of Joan Rivers

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I fully expected that when the four o'clock show started that the host (Leah) would have mentioned Joan's passing. Come on Q. Joan will surely be missed even if you didn't buy. Loved the irreverence that she brought and loosened up the sometimes uptight hosts. LOVED the early days and the shows with Kathy Levine. Continue Reading


Re: Turquoise station nugget 14k necklace

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It is ok for the price. The turquoise is so so and has some matrix. I ordered all four sizes, but will probably just keep the shorter two to wear together. The turquoise only goes part way around the necklace and I don't like seeing so much of the plain chain on the two longer versions. The chain is extremely small gage but pretty much what I expected. Continue Reading


Re: May this year bring a message of love to us all!

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I was really looking forward to seeing the presentation of the Ahava pendant but the evening show that it was slated for never happened. I have looked at the Or Paz product list several times and it is not shown. I love the museum pieces and would love to see more. Also, more Judaica jewelry, please. How about a mazuzah pendant? Actually, it would be great of some of your artisans would design actual mazuzot for purchase. They make perfect housewarming gifts. Continue Reading

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