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Re: A Reminder

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Just keep your cash in your bra like women did eons ago. Oftentimes the best ways are the old ways. Continue Reading


Re: This is outrageous!

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That judge should be removed. Don't you miss the time when people had and used common sense and had principles? BTW, who got the $$$ from the sale of this "art"? Continue Reading


Re: Opinion On A New Car

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On 7/25/2013 happy housewife said: Why do people constantly come here and say we should all buy only items made in America then turn around and buy foreign cars. Seriously, you won't buy a blouse or a small appliance made in China but you'll buy a car from japanese company. This "people" cannot afford a throw-away car. I have to spend my money on longevity and dependability. Continue Reading



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On 8/10/2013 misspammie said: On 8/10/2013 JESSA said: Me too...Gary Sinese is in Pittsburgh with the Lt Dan band raising money to build a house for an army vet who lost his legs and has brain damage...love Gary!! saw that recently on the news here,,,,how wonderful and giving. YEA!!! He has done it before and he'll do it again next month in Fayetteville, NC, with a very similar purpose. Dedicated to those who serve us, Gary Sinese is a hero himself. Continue Reading


Re: "Shipwreck" Recipe

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Mama made Shipwreck when we were kids. I always thought it was something she made up, the recipe and the name, because I've never heard of anyone else knowing what it was. Hers was very different from the OP's recipe, though, and I'm sure it didn't take 3 hours to bake! There was a layer of sliced potatoes, sliced onions, kidney beans, ground beef patties. Then pour diluted tomato soup over all of it. Not sure what spices she may have used -- probably salt, pepper, and chili powder. Cover with foil and bake. We loved it! Continue Reading


Re: I want to return my Kindle Fire HD

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On 8/9/2013 CindyinNC said: Finally admitted last week that I am an eReader junky. I realized I have 3 Nooks and now a 7" Kindle Fire HD and belong to two libraries. LOL - one kindle I got for $49 on Black Friday and haven't opened the package yet. I was surprised at how heavy the 7" Kindle was - heavier than my Nook HD+. Junky or hoarder? You need an intervention. Continue Reading


Re: Does shopping cure loneliness ?

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Shopping is just one of many activities that lonely people may do to briefly escape their own four lonely walls and just be out and around other people which is not dependent on spending money as just browsing does the same thing. People (lonely or not lonely) spend money on things they don't need or really want to fill up the emptiness inside them. They don't realize or don't accept that things will never fill that emptiness. Continue Reading


Re: 4th Keurig Replacement on it's way.

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On 8/8/2013 surprise_sometime said: we have boxes of KCups people bought us as presents. I would open them, dump contents into a jar or something, and try to use in regular coffee pot. It's worth a try. Continue Reading


Re: I Am Sick of Being in the Kitchen with David!!!!

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Don't you have other channels on your TV? Is all of your life so ordered that there's no laundry to be done, no groceries to be bought, no errands to run, no shopping to do, no hobbies to enjoy, no books to read? Continue Reading

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