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Re: I waited and now its too late... : (

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On 3/27/2015 ChynnaBlue said: So buy SHL on waitlist. It's only the first month and they are restocking and sending as quickly as possible. If you wait until it's not on waitlist anymore, you may again wait too long and have it go on waitlist before you order. If you order now, you lock in the next shipment and should have a bottle soon - in enough time to decide if you want more before the season is up. Thanks ChynnaBlue..will do. Continue Reading


Re: I waited and now its too late... : (

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Some great ideas! Thanks everyone!!!!!! Continue Reading


Re: I waited and now its too late... : (

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On 3/27/2015 susan25 said: Did you ever try the other spring seasonals or are all of them on waitlist? My favorite spring seasonal is SOB although I have never used SGGT since I wasn't using Wen when it was offered. If you like citrus scents I believe you would like SOB although it is a bit drying. For me I find it very comparable to WWC that was the new winter seasonal. You might also be able to order SHL on the Chaz Dean site. If not available on QVC, I would imagine that they are still available on Chaz's site. Thanks Susan I have tried every seasonal and original formulation there is exc... Continue Reading


I waited and now its too late... : (

Last Reply by HappyDaze 1427513537.64 | Started by Kempokim in WEN

Lately things have been really picking up for me which is a good thing (I own a small business)BUT rarely have time to watch TV or be on the PC. I totally missed the winter scent and now would like to try the spring scent but it's only available on wait-list. I'm sad. Until now I have been able to try EVERY seasonal and regular formulation. The only things I have yet to try are the kids formulas. I'm lucky because every formulation works for me and I like variety. Currently using BGT and 613 (I bought both gallons on AD so as not to run out ever) however, love to supplement with a seaso... Continue Reading


So frustrated with pumps

Last Reply by NYwoman 1426357792.15 | Started by Kempokim in WEN

Just received the BGT styling creme. Once agian having pump issues....why has this not been fixed? LOVE Wen and only use Wen but am tired of the pumps not working. : ( Continue Reading


Re: o.k. My Hair is Starting To Look Too Greasy! What Happened?

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On 1/8/2015 Royal Family said: I've been a WEN girl for 2 years and have never felt like I need to use a regular shampoo every so often. In fact I get my hair colored and trimmed every 8 weeks like clockwork and my hairdresser uses a sulfate-free shampoo. My hair feels dry and yucky afterwards so I come home and do a re-moist treatment and it feels much better! Hi. Why not bring your Wen to the salon? I do that and my stylist actually looks forward to seeing which formulation I have with me. I bring the styling cream and the oil too. I use the oil as a finishing product after my hair is d... Continue Reading


Re: Bamboo Green Tea Oil?

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On 1/19/2015 Jewels28 said: Hi, That is on my wish list too for the Bamboo Green Tea oil. I hope it comes out this year. In 2014 I did inquire if WEN would have BGT in other products and was told to keep an eye out in 2015. If the styling creme came out and replenishing mist came back in stock, hopefully the BGT oil and remoist mask will come out too. ( I know in a Tsv the remoist mask was in the 4pc collection). I am big fan of the BGT and Watermelon. Looking forward to the new items in BGT. Keep up the Wenderful work Chaz Hopefully soon! Continue Reading


Bamboo Green Tea Oil?

Last Reply by bruingirl 1423199668.353 | Started by Kempokim in WEN

LOVE bamboo green tea....my 2nd gallon will be shipping soon. Has he come out with the oil yet? Did not see it on his site or here so I am assuming no. I would LOVE that! Any ideas when? Continue Reading


Re: A260090

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On 1/13/2015 happywenner said: waitlist means there is a chance that the Q will get more stock in. Chaz & Team WEN are back this weekend so maybe, just keep checking Thanks for explaining that! I'll keep my eyes open! Continue Reading


Re: Wen and frizz

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On 1/12/2015 Atellam said: Which Wen is the best at controlling frizz? Is there a protocol to keep frizz at a minimum? I have long, thick curly, sometimes frizzy hair. When styling is complete I put about 1/2 a dropper of Wen oil in my hands and run it through my hair starting at the bottom. This really cuts down on frizz and fly-aways. Just be careful not to use too much! Continue Reading

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