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Re: *Screams* I can NOT get this frizz under control!!!!!!!! ++

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I know Chaz does not agree with this but I get a Brazilian blowout in the summer months. I have very long coarse thick curly hair. I have been using Wen for almost 3 years. The Brazilian blowout (get the one that lasts 2-3 months and does not eliminate your curl) Keeps my hair frizz free. It's a lifesaver in the summer. I get lots of compliments on my hair. I use the oils as a finishing product. Good luck! Continue Reading


Re: Friday Appointment

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On 6/23/2014 dogmother said: I'm a stylist as well. If you want subtle highlights - your hairdresser can use 20 volume (the same volume as most colors use), with a light shade of color. You don't need to bleach and tone it for subtle highlights. This causes less damage. Condition after coloring. OK! I'll ask her to do that. : ) Continue Reading


Re: Friday Appointment

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Thanks! Hmmmm...........I'll have to give this more thought. Continue Reading


Friday Appointment

Last Reply by Thia Winter 1403538671.887 | Started by Kempokim in WEN

Hello! This Friday I have a hair appt. I really would like to put a few more golden highlights around my face but I know how damaging most lighteners are. My hair is med brown with gold highlights. I just want to have it a bit lighter for the summer but still want to keep my base color. Of course I will be bringing my Wen to the salon. They use Redken color. Any ideas? I don't want to destroy my healthy Wen hair! Continue Reading


Re: Anyon use a dry shampoo to extend your non-CC days? ++++

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On 6/23/2014 sahmIam said: That is my goal; use only WEN, lol. But in this instance, how does one make the oil less... oily? What WEN product would you use to get the lightness back in the hair? The RTM? Yes I use the RTM....sometimes the VTS. I too like you only do the oils on a day that I know I will be cleansing......If I had an unexpected appointment or something come up I would probably just put my hair up and forgo the dry shampoo. Continue Reading


Re: Anyon use a dry shampoo to extend your non-CC days? ++++

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I stopped using dry shampoo once I started using wen. In fact nothing that has not been created by Chaz has touched this hair in almost 3 years! Different things work for every head of hair. Continue Reading


Re: New Wen Goodies for June!!!

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That's great, meaning the SC & mousse in seasonal scents. He would probably sell even more product than he does now. I'm sure there are other obsessive/compulsive people out there(like me) who want to use all of the same formulation. I would definitely purchase the oil and SC in all of the seasonal scents. I use them all. I like to layer his products and since I am a 613, BGT and seasonal user this will be big for me! Continue Reading


Re: New user, need advice please...

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On 6/22/2014 matsunoo said: New user here and I’m having issues with not getting the results everyone else seems to be getting and am hoping for advice. My hair: Medium length Dry, color treated (damaged as a result), both coarse and smooth hair, frizzy, thick (actual strands are thick, not that I have a lot of hair) and, as a result of perimenopause, my hair texture is changing and becoming more coarse; the hairs that are smooth are slowly turning coarse. I air dry and don’t use styling products or tools. We have hard water. I’ve been using WEN for 2 months. I used to was... Continue Reading


Re: Help - Dry breaking hair - Fig and/or 613?

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On 6/18/2014 ginabfly said: Kempokim I do workout, I've been working out since I was a kid, but I could always work out more. I go through phases of laziness, but my weight never moves more than a lb lately and usually comes right back. It used to fluctuate more, so I wondered if it was just age making it harder to get the weight off (I'm 37), I hate to blame a medical issue if I'm just not active enough. I also eat pretty healthy, but I do splurge. So I don't know if it's me, or a thyroid issue that I don't know about. Also I'm not super overweight but would love to lose at least 10lbs just ... Continue Reading

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