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Re: What's your Favorite Color?

In Fashion Talk 1351450791.353

Purple, teal. magenta, the new "orange"-pumpkin color Continue Reading


Re: I Didn't Know...George S Does Fur...

In Fashion Talk 1351450567.203

Dennis Basco does real fur too, I don't but any of his stuff- just plain wrong. Continue Reading


Re: Lisa Robertson go home

In Fashion Talk 1351450151.237

What's wrong with Lisa Robertson? It just goes to show you, if you are happy and friendly in America, you will have haters-jealous people, how sad. Continue Reading



In Beauty Banter, Fashion Talk, Hosts & Personalities 1351449687.007

You are my favorite host; I love the fact that you love your pets, and you are so down to earth. Continue Reading

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