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Re: A Little 'Sneak Peek' of St. Patrick's Day & the Inspiration Behind Some of the Pieces

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The day was so wonderful! Thank you. We always enjoy St. Patrick's day on QVC. :) Continue Reading


Re: QVC Mourns the passing of Joan Rivers

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Joan! It can't be over, I don't want it to be over. This loss - there are no words for how sudden. I'm so sorry. Your fans love you and will always cherish you. Never will there be another Joan Rivers. Dear Joan we love you so much. (Heart) Continue Reading


Re: The Irish Are On Their Way!

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Oh goody, goody, goody!! You're all on the way, safe travels and I can hardly wait for the 2014 St. Patricks day celebration on QVC. I've been watching this show annually and faithfully for ages and ages! As always, thanks a million for coming back year and year again with loads of goodies for us! Welcome back! Continue Reading


Re: 4 Days Until St. Patrick's Day! How Are You Getting Ready to Celebrate All Things Irish?

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As always thanks a million for coming back each and every year!! We are all so very excited and just heard about your book too!! That super nice!! Can hardly wait and I too am in favor of 24 hrs like it used to be, which was GLORIOUS! Will be gripped on my chair and watching each and every moment!! So deeply grateful all of you come back each year to be with us again and again with all the goodies from Ireland!! Continue Reading


Re: Happy New Year! The Countdown To St. Patrick’s Day Is On!

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Oh goody, goody, goody! Can't hardly wait to hear about this book! What a fantastic idea! Feels like we've been waiting for ages to get back to St. Patricks Day .... Super excited! Welcome back!! Continue Reading


Re: Spring is Here! Welcome the Fairies with A Fairy Door & Windows!

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Hello, I thought the fairy portals were adorable and they sold out so quickly. I hope to pick up a set the next time round. Perhaps looking upon that doorway will help transport me to thoughts and happy memories of visiting Ireland. I do like all the seasons, but Spring best of all for the same reasons you cited. It must be wonderful at Tir Na Nog. Continue Reading


Re: Another St. Patrick's Day Draws To A Close

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The hat and marble slab will be missed until the Rose of Tralee. May the road rise to meet you too, and God bless! Continue Reading



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Hello! I love the Connemara marble!! I have many many pieces and still would love to have more. I have a special request for some Christmastime Connemara marble pieces such as a collection of tree ornaments in different designs: angel, cross, harp, shamrock, cat, Irish wolfhound, and maybe a pot o gold! Perhaps your family and craftsmen can consider this request? Perhaps in time for the Rose of Tralee show in the fall, to help us with Christmas gifts... Many many thanks to you. Continue Reading


Re: Stephen Walsh Heads to QVC for St. Patrick’s Day!

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Hello and Happy St. Patrick's Day!! Thank you for all the Connemara Marble treasures. I have many many items of this wonderful magical true stone of Ireland. And yet I need more!! Could you please consider a few requests please for Christmastime Connemara marble? I'd love to see a collection of tree ornaments if possible, an angel, shamrock, harp, cat, Irish wolf hound, pot o' gold, cross .... All made with marble .... Maybe you and your family and craftsmen can consider this in time for the fall Tralee show? Thank you so much! I LOVE what you bring to us from your country. Again, many, many ... Continue Reading


Re: Jayne’s Gift Favorites

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Hi Jayne, I love watching your segments! Can you please update your gift favorites for Christmas 2012? I'd really be interested to hear your favorites and recommendations. Thanks again for all your help to QVC viewers!! Continue Reading

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