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Re: Anyone know if dooney leaving qvc ?

In Dooney & Bourke 1420509439.553

Thank you for all the replies. I will post more once found out about the rumor weird. Continue Reading


Anyone know if dooney leaving qvc ?

Last Reply by Tori in KC 1420939077.343 | Started by ivyshop in Dooney & Bourke

some one on the purse forum mention something about dooney leaving qvc strange Continue Reading


Re: Dooney hobo bag - had enough?

In Dooney & Bourke 1419046900.987

?? i own 2 and I love them Continue Reading


Re: Day 11 is up

In Dooney & Bourke 1418442711.763

Completely agree I clean my closed last weekend omg I got like over 40 bags new that I haven't even use yet. I am shopping from my closet now lol Continue Reading


Re: Croco Fino Belted Shopper

In Dooney & Bourke 1417840098.687

I own 3 samba I love the leather the belted shopper is beautiful. The large belted shopper is on sale for$189 color denim at Continue Reading


Re: new website really nice

In Dooney & Bourke 1416950518.813

On 11/25/2014 Hi Cindy said: I had trouble last time and set up a new account also. Worked OK. I ordered this little sweetie. Free shipping and it was $64. Wow !! What a deal better than going to the outlet on black Friday. Avoiding the drive and hassle. I order the calf multi function wallet for $61 some change reg $158 british tan Enjoy you bag when arrive Continue Reading


Re: new website really nice

In Dooney & Bourke 1416877449.99

The website need improvement but I like it so far at least show the inside of the items. Continue Reading


Re: new website really nice

In Dooney & Bourke 1416866909.623

On 11/24/2014 stevieb said: Hope it's better than the new Dooney site... Look better to me and better that the old I just order the calf multifunction wallet $61 reg $158 british tan. The only think about the new website they erase my account I have to created a new one. Continue Reading

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