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Re: Wed. 2/13 Jodi Arias

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Can someone tell me if Martinez questioned Jodi today? I read that he questioned her for about 90 seconds, what happened? Continue Reading


Re: Tues. 2/12 Jodi Arias Trial

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I absolutely refuse to watch her on the stand, she makes me sick to my stomach! Continue Reading


Re: Fashion Police

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Some of the things Joan wears on that show make her look silly, she is the last person to judge fashion IMO. Don't even get me started on that freak Kelly with her ugly hair, tattoos, etc. Rancic needs to lighten her hair, the poor thing is so ugly and with the dark stick straight hair it emphasizes her odd looking face. Continue Reading


Re: Jodi Arias alert

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On 2/5/2013 dimple said: Can she start any sentence without "Umm". It is very irritating Drives me nuts also! I think her, Carolyn and Shawn all went to the school of UMs and UHs. Continue Reading


Re: If you could post a picture of yourself!!!

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HE// no, LOL. Even when I was young and skinny I hated pictures of me. Continue Reading


Re: Jodi Arias alert

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On 2/4/2013 PurpleBunny said: She definitely has a pattern. She turns (in her mind) these men into jealous and possessive control freaks, in reality, it's her that is that way. She claims they push 5EX on her, in reality, she's the aggressor, she's the one that wants it. It's her that likes the dirty talk, the naughty pictures, the role playing. SHE is the deviant. I agree with you Bunny! Continue Reading


Re: HEY Lisa, how about getting a fill before doing a jewery show?

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On 2/4/2013 blahblahvampemerblah said: On 2/4/2013 cater said: What a bunch of gods perfect humans who have no flaws or show no flaws WOW. I am sure that QVC has people who check out the hosts before they ever get in front of the camera for you nit pickers to chomp on. Since I am in the 70 matronly group I'm voting for the show hosts that try so hard to look their best ,work their jobs with the different venders as well as they are able to do. All so that they can pass through the judges on this board who by the way brag and brag that they don't buy anything from QVC but for some odd reason t... Continue Reading


Re: Jodi Arias alert

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On 2/4/2013 anisa said: I've lived here for over 30 years and I agree with you Gracie7. Yes, I'm sure you know exactly what I mean Anisa. Continue Reading


Re: Jodi Arias alert

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On 2/4/2013 Marianne- said: Hey Gracie7-- one time you said you were friends with Travis-- how did you know him? I am so sorry that this happened to your friend. I can only say that I knew him through a relative, I really shouldn't have said anything. I have lived here all my life and people are very scary in this state - I really have a bad feeling about this jury. I hope I'm wrong. Continue Reading


Re: Jodi Arias alert

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UM, UH, UM, UH, UM, UH - good GOD can she start a sentence without saying that? I want to jump through the screen and punch her beady eyes out. Continue Reading

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