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Re: What is the best facial acne treatment?

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I posted yesterday (I think LOL) about some natural ideas. You may want to google the uses for apple cider vinegar (the one with the mother); I am currently using Braggss. There are many sites that discuss people's experiences using it and there are many positive reviews on using this. I have been using this for about 4 weeks and started with a 1:10 ratio (1 part to 10 parts water) and now I'm down to using 1:3 ratio. DO NOT use it full strength as it can burn the skin. If I am not going out for the day, I use either a cotton ball or Qtip to apply it and have noticed a positive differen... Continue Reading


Re: Dr. Oz today

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On 9/29/2014 Lotus~ said: I think she's more credible than him.... Same here, Lotus. I don't normally watch his show, but catch it from time to time. I enjoyed the story about the woman in the audience who got the lung transplant and how the donor came through. It was heartwarming IMO. Also glad to see they discussed women's health and the importance of going for yearly checkups and the reasons why. Continue Reading


Re: Adult Acne..HELP!!

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On 9/29/2014 Sunshine Kate said: I would highly suggest 2% BHA liquid from Paula's Choice; excellent. The only product she will need. If you can't click through the link above, Google Paula's Choice 2% BHA. Good luck. This would be my first choice as it really seemed to help me. Also, there's a website, I believe it's that has some good info. I am now in the process of trying apple cider vinegar (Bragg's). I started out a few weeks ago with a 10:1 ratio and applying this to my face. Do not use it full strength. If you google using this method, there's many websites and testimon... Continue Reading


Re: Revenge-- Possible spoilers

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Hi scottie! I asked DH the same thing; the cop thing is something new to me and what happened to running the bar. As for Daniel, it appears he and Charlotte must think their mother is on a vacation somewhere on an island of some sort. Daniel really must be starting to hurt for $. I admit, most of the time, I tend to get 'lost' during the show. Continue Reading


Re: How Are You...My Friend

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On 9/28/2014 bluegrassbaby said: Thank you for posting this. Now I have to figure out how to post this on my facebook page, lol. Continue Reading


Re: Ali MacGraw-picture

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On 9/26/2014 Irshgrl31201 said: On 9/26/2014 happy housewife said: Why do some women get so mean and nasty about what color other women's hair is? You want to dye your hair - go for it - enjoy it, but please stop telling me how old it makes me look because I don't chose to dye mine. that is your opinion and your opinion only. OMG, give me a break. You talk brutally on the BB about women who color their hair and list the reasons why it is stupid, egotistical and wrong. Practice what you preach. Boy, did you ever hit the nail on the head with this post. Continue Reading


Re: Project Runway 9/4/14 --spoiler

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On 9/25/2014 scotttie said: I'm sooo disgusted that Korina won. Same here, scottie. I am sooooooooo ready to see her go, along with her ego. Once again, Kini was robbed of another win. As for Char, I feel Tim shouldn't have put the other designers on the spot to give her the extra time for the zipper repair. I felt it was time for Char to go home being she was already given a second chance. Continue Reading


Re: Cedar Cove - Missed 9/20 show - What happened?

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DH and I have been watching this and I agree with many here. We will attempt (emphasis added) to finish out this season if we can stay awake. Some of the characters are getting on my last nerve. IMO, it's very lackluster, but we'll DVR the show and probably watch the finale, although something has to happen in order for us to return for next season's. Continue Reading


Re: The Voice Chat 9/22/14 ~ Spoilers

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On 9/23/2014 scotttie said: I agree. The judge talk seemed to go on and on way too long. But I still loved the additions of Gwen and Pharrell. They are taking the show to a whole new level of likeability for me. I liked Shakira also and Usher but am loving this new combination. Adam just needs to settle down. He also doesn't need to be the first to turn his chair around for every singer. I'm eyerolling him on that one. I LOVE the way Pharrell told the one girl that she needed to sing for herself and that when she believes the song herself he will believe it too. He was exceptional. Hey scott... Continue Reading


Re: Anyone watching Dallas?

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On 9/22/2014 Shelbelle said: Reminder, season finale tonight st 9 to 11 ET. Thanks for the reminder! We have to DVR the show at 11 PM (second showing) since we are recording DWTS and The Voice. Probably won't be able to watch the season finale until tomorrow... ugh. I need to keep away from reading this forum until after I watch so not to read any spoilers. Edit: Just finished watching and surely didn't see the ending of the finale coming. Just don't want to spoil for anyone, but it kept both DH and me on the edge of our seat. Continue Reading

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