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Re: Social Security question

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On 10/30/2014 graceandmercy said: On 10/28/2014 moonstone dunes said: On 10/28/2014 Cinder63 said: SS is not designed to be "fair." I am single and singles can't designate beneficiaries, so if I die all the money goes back into the "pot" as well. I really don't see why it should be different for someone who happens to have been married. In fact, married and childed people do a lot better out of SS. About 8 million kids are on some sort of SS now; obviously that money is partly paid for by the child free who are not creating that sort of liability for the system, either via disability of the c... Continue Reading


Re: Social Security question

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On 10/29/2014 Cinder63 said: Guess what, the rest of us run households, raise children, help our elders, volunteer, etc. -- AND get out there and earn a wage and contribute FICA taxes and income taxes to the greater good. Being an SAHM is, quite frankly, for those who can't hack the adult world. And yet they feel self-righteous about being leeches off the rest of us. It's amazing. SMH. Continue Reading


Re: Hallmark Channel's Countdown To Christmas - in 4 days!

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On 10/28/2014 LipstickDiva said: I love, love, love all the holiday programming but not this early. These movies will be shown 100 times, or so it seems, so I'll forego watching them until the week of Thanksgiving. I agree. DH and I both enjoy them; just not so early. I wish they would wait until Thanksgiving to start them. Continue Reading


Re: The Voice -Knockout Rounds 10/27 --spoilers

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On 10/29/2014 corita said: On 10/27/2014 scotttie said: Taylor is doing a phenominal job of coaching. I thought so too. She is giving great stage-presentation advice which the contestants can implement right away. I also love this group of judges; they are playing well together! Even Blake and Adam are behaving! I think Farrell has a calming, quiet effect on the judges. I agree with everything you posted. I'd much rather see these judges in the next season, but I hear that Christina is returning. Not looking forward to that. Pharrell just seems so down to earth to me and I agree, he seem... Continue Reading


Re: NoelSeven...

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Hope you don't mind my stopping by to wish both of you good wishes and thoughts. Continue Reading


Re: Jill Dugger's wedding two hour show on dugger haters need to respond

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On 10/28/2014 Free2be said: NC Bandwagon, I had to go look at that thread and guess who is there repeatedly slamming Robin McGraw. Major put-downs and name calling. Oh, the irony. Now, back to positive posts about the wedding . . . Yes, I saw those cruel posts on that thread by the OP. Irony is an understatement. Continue Reading


Re: Bobbye Blackburn Nanny Bear

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On 10/24/2014 LipstickDiva said: No problem HisElk. Thanks! :) Continue Reading


Re: Bobbye Blackburn Nanny Bear

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On 10/28/2014 Sheilaray said: Awww, rest in peace, Nannybear. You sure knew how to spice up these boards. Between your computer skills and Lesnans observational skills, these boards were rarely dull. Stopping by to say hello to Sheilaray; many years ago when we posted, I was dagwood and bearcollector. Life for me has changed dramatically (for the good, thank goodness), so I thought I'd change my nic to what my new and better life is. I've not 'seen' Lesnans for a very long time. Hope you are doing well. Continue Reading


Re: Robin McGraws- TS

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On 10/28/2014 J-Lou said: On 10/28/2014 JeanLouiseFinch said: I guess it Robin's turn on the chopping block this week. Well, at least that might be giving someone else a break. Whatever happened to "if you can't say something nice, say nothing at all"? I agree. There are some very cruel things being said on this thread! I agree. However, not at all surprised. Continue Reading


Re: Does anyone still have/use your Peterboro Baskets??

In For the Home Talk 1414510689.327

Yes, I have many, many of their baskets. Some of them I use and some are just used to display. I have 2 different ones (carousel type) and they are still beautiful. Many others as well that are still in great condition. Also, have some Bradford baskets that I used to use for my doggie treats. Glad to hear they are still in business. Continue Reading

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