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Re: Married at First Sight.....

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On 4/24/2015 LipstickDiva said: On 4/24/2015 lulu2 said: Other than being in the public eye, (and getting paid well) what would possess someone to do this? Supposedly they aren't paid well. Of course what the producers idea of a "stipend" is and mine might be different. HisElk I did see that thread. Thank you. Thanks for letting me know, LipstickDiva. Glad you saw it. You were missed. Continue Reading


Re: If you love deli meats . . .

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On 4/24/2015 Lucky charm said: I actually watched the video up until the German bologna and was surprised at how pristine the equipment and factory was. The workers had gloves on and were suited up properly. Kudos to D&W for cleanliness. However, I've passed tractor trailers on the PA Turnpike in sub freezing temps loaded with pigs. You can clearly see the pigs inside, they are usually peering out the holes. Imagine how cold it is for them with wind chills taken into consideration of a truck driving 65-70 mph in an open truck. That's what disgusts me about meat.....Man. ETA: These pigs ar... Continue Reading


Re: If you love deli meats . . .

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On 4/24/2015 lacey1 said: Start the journey at the slaughter house. Horrible! Yep, and that was a real eye opener for me many years ago; after that, I found myself eating less and less meat, until we phased out most of it. Every once in awhile, we will eat some fish, but not on a daily basis. Continue Reading


Re: Married at First Sight.....

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On 4/24/2015 croemer said: On 4/23/2015 LipstickDiva said: Yeah Croemer I remember that. Then she went through the phase of wanting to go back "home." If I remember correctly, her parents didn't support her doing this did they? I do not recall her parents thoughts on the matter Lipstick. I recall Cortney's family not supporting her in this venture; they did not attend the wedding, nor do I recall them meeting Jason, at least not on the show. Continue Reading


Re: Married at First Sight.....

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On 4/24/2015 LipstickDiva said: I read an interesting article last night about this show. Apparently, when the producers came up with the idea, they pitched it and several networks were interested. The producers chose FYI TV because that network agreed to allow the show to go forward without ramped up or fake storylines. They allowed the program to be in the purest form. According to the producers, they only choose candidates from NYC and the tri-state area because it would be unrealistic to think a cross country pairing would work. When they first advertised, they never told anyone that they... Continue Reading


Re: ••••• GET WELL SOON, Noel, dooBdoo and ShowMe and songbird!!! :) •••••

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Adding my wishes to all to get well very soon. Nice, thoughtful thread, OP! Continue Reading


Re: Married at First Sight.....

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On 4/23/2015 LipstickDiva said: snpets in the case of the couples on this season, I think it's a logistics problem. Ryan R and Jac live over 3 hours from each other. If he moved to her home, he'd have to drive 3 hours to work and vice versa. With Ryan D. and Jessica, his apartment was nowhere near public transportation and she doesn't drive so that wouldn't work. Ryan did want to move in to her apartment but she didn't want that because she got it with a previous boyfriend. Davina lives in Manhattan and Sean lives in Jersey. I don't know how far away they were from each other but she was adam... Continue Reading


Re: Married at First Sight.....

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Thanks to the poster who updated about Jason and Cortney; glad to hear they are still together. That was quite a shock about how she lost her job. As far as Vaughn, if he didn't want to be on camera, he shouldn't have signed up for the show. Davina isn't someone I could even have as a roommate and I hope Sean does himself a favor and doesn't sell his house or quit his job until the 6 weeks are up. Continue Reading


Re: Interesting Take on American Idol Results from 4/22

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After last night's performances, I don't think any of them did overly well. But, Clark is still the one who we like the best, with Tyanna following. Can't get into Jax or Nick at all. Continue Reading


Re: Married at First Sight.....

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On 4/22/2015 croemer said: On 4/22/2015 chickenbutt said: Yeah, that last thing with not making her feel special enough got me. What the heck! He has made every concession. They need to find the same level to be on, so that they can communicate more effectively. I feel like they both keep trying, to some extent, but they are on different levels so it all just runs parallel. Maybe that didn't make sense, but it does in my head. :) hehe I know...he is the one doing ALL the compromising...what has she compromised on??? Waving to croemer! And yes, she's not compromised at all; all she does is ... Continue Reading

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