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Re: Has anyone seen the poster Kellin lately?

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Hi Irshgrl, now that you posted about her, I haven't either. Hope she's doing ok. Off topic, hope you are doing much better. Continue Reading


Re: facial cyst

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I've had them and use ichthammol drawing salve. I ordered mine from Amazon as it can be difficult to find in a drugstore. Put some on and cover with a bandaid. As for "poking" around it, I'd make sure it's ready. Also the warm salt water helps. I've also found that mixing some ACV with water (I use the Braggs) and dabbing on it will help. Be sure to dilute in water as it can burn the skin. Between these 2, I've had success. Continue Reading


Re: Am I The Only One That Has Virtually No Gifts To Buy For The Holiday Season?

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On 11/23/2014 Jules5280 said: On 11/23/2014 pood said: This topic makes me just shows how commercialized Christmas has become over the past few decades. I buy for my son and grandson, the rest of us gave up gift giving a long time ago. I long for the days when a gift was just that, something someone picked out for you-sure I got my share of bad gifts, but still it was a gift. Now it's gift cards or cash that are actually asked for and expected..Not much thrill or anticipation in that, is there? I guess I'm just feeling sentimental, I wish it was Christmas again of long ago...... I ... Continue Reading


Re: Thjis does not seem right to me.

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On 11/22/2014 lovescats said: I just cannot read this without thinking if anyone else posted this the OP would be saying they should be glad they have a job and quit complaining. You read my mind. Continue Reading


Re: Dallas has been cancelled!

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I just read about this on my facebook page. We were so hoping it would continue. My DH never saw the original Dallas, but was really getting into this one. We will miss this show and all the great actors/actresses. Yet they keep the reality shows on... ugh. Continue Reading


Re: scottie.......

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I've been missing scottie's posts too; particularly the ones about The Voice. Anyway, glad to see scottie is back. :) Continue Reading


Re: Forgivness

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On 11/20/2014 JuJu Squeezie said: On 11/20/2014 happy housewife said: I know a woman who is 89 years old - she suffers terribly from depression and mental illness and all - and I mean ALL she talks about is how difficult her life was growing up during the depression etc. How the depression and the war ruined her childhood and early adult life etc etc etc. Almost everyone - including her own children stopped listening many years ago and she just can not let go of that hate and the woe is me attitude 24/7/365 for all these years. She has made herself into a lonely old woman who no one wants to ... Continue Reading


Re: Forgivness

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On 11/20/2014 happy housewife said: On 11/20/2014 YorkieonmyPillow said: Who is the OP judging? She stated that it is better to forgive than to live in bitterness and anger. She didn't call any particular person out. You confuse them when you use reason and common sense. Why am I not surprised at this post. SMH Continue Reading


Re: Here I go again!

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Ford, please let us know how things went at the doctor! Thinking of you. Continue Reading

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