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Re: Rose of Tralee

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One Irish girl to another...I love your RED hair. Don't change it. Please pass on my thoughts about programming the for The Rose of Tralee-it stinks. After waiting all year for this day, I discovered that most of the events were on in the middle of the night and during the work day. Who's idea was that? I certainly hope the same won't happen on St Pat's Day. Thank you for letting me rant. Jane, I have loved watching you since the early 1990's and I missed you while your were caring for your sister (I think). I hope she continues to enjoy good health. Continue Reading



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I love The Rose of Tralee and I am so put out with QVC. Whoever decided to put most of the hours on in the middle of the night and during the work day? I wait all year for this day and March 17 and I feel robbed of the chance to see all of the products brought by our beautiful Irish friends. Please pass my sentaments on to QVC and I hope they will reconsider the programing next year. And, do not program St Pat's Day the same way. Now that I have ranted... Stephen, you are great. I love your sense of humor and the beautiful Conamara marble you bring. I have several pieces that I enjoy. thank y... Continue Reading

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