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Re: Hi Everyone

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On 8/12/2013 HisElk said: Boy, something told me to check out the home forum and I'm glad I did. Msmoxie, you're back! I posted awhile ago in this forum about where you were and a poster replied that you were out visiting with your sister. I don't post here on a daily basis, but I do read and missed seeing your pics and posts. Hope you had a great trip. I did have a good trip. I enjoyed reconnecting with my sister. Even though we talk frequently on the phone, it is different than a face to face. I already miss her and am planning another visit in a few months. It is difficult for her because... Continue Reading


Re: Hi Everyone

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Did you all see this cute pin on pinterest. So darling. Continue Reading


Re: Marie Osmond dolls w/Mary Beth - just like the old days!

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I used to collect her dolls but I have given most of them away. I have kept the Christmas dolls and set them up near my Christmas tree. Continue Reading


Hi Everyone

Last Reply by Luv2Decorate 1376396532.35 | Started by msmoxie in For the Home Talk

I have been visiting my sister in Missouri for the past 3 weeks. It is good to be back. I hope you all have been good while I have been gone. Continue Reading


Re: Has this ever happened to you?

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That has never happened to me. The pharmacy is required to ask to see ID, unless it is different in your state. If not, it should be. Continue Reading


Re: Woman electrocuted by her iPhone

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On 7/16/2013 sidsmom said: Snopes.com is debunking this. Using this theory, why can I have a lamp plugged in, but I can still touch it? There are no open wires to cause issues. I did read one report (Irish Times) where she was getting out of the bathtub to answer the phone. Faulty charger, wet environment.....Sounds like it was "the perfect storm"...but to the normal day in, day out...no problems exist should you answer an iPhone while it is still charging. Just doesn't make sense otherwise. Finally a voice of reason. Continue Reading


Re: As a beautiful woman I would like to feel safe walking down the street

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I like your sense of humor kinky. It is refreshing. Continue Reading


Check out these holiday outfits for little girls

Last Reply by abbeythe 8th 1373838942.87 | Started by msmoxie in Viewpoints

on Zulily. Just a sample. They have lots more. Continue Reading


Re: No respect for Oprah now!

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I doubt that Oprah cares what you all think. She is one of the richest and most powerful woman in the world. Continue Reading


Re: Stepping way out on the gourmet edge for dinner tonight - how about you?

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On 7/12/2013 minkbunny said: Cheese quesadillas and tomato soup I don't get it. What is so funny? Continue Reading

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