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Welll... 24/7/365 jewelry shows seem to work okay for JTV... :) Continue Reading


Re: Walmart spring fashion finds...true light weight gauze...

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If you like all-cotton tops, don't forget to check jcp. At the website a couple of days ago I was surprised at all the cotton b/c I prefer a 'little' poly ... eeeek...ducking the rotten tomatoes now! :) ... Surprisingly they also had several tops in "linen"-cotton which I love, hadn't seen a lot of that around lately. Continue Reading


Re: Project Runway Teams

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Debbie1426 -- It's on Lifetime. Think it used to be on Bravo (...?...) but pretty sure that was several seasons ago. ----- running shelby -- Although Project is my alltime-favorite 'guilty pleasure,' and although I'm enjoying the team thing a lot more than I thought I would... do agree with you re last night. I did adore the basic idea of silk&suede but the dress itself didn't look all that wearable. Loved the overall look of the orange pants/top & below-knee orange sheath too, but again, not something I'd wear. I guess we need to keep in mind that they were going for the youth m... Continue Reading


Re: Mature Skin

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I suspect a lot of it also has to do with illnesses/meds & with unusual/persistent stress. I saw the way many of my female relatives aged, and I'd say my genes might've allowed me to age rather more ... hm... 'gracefully' without all that :) edited to add 'unprotected sun exposure' to that list ... Most of my female relatives loved sun as much as I did except they had sense enough not to expose their 'faces' to as much sun as I did! Last edited on 3/22/2013 Continue Reading



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Hi ladies -- I know next to nil re the TF line in general. However... if they offer their Shadow Insurance in Lemon Drop, do try it if you happen to need an effective lid primer. Definitely not as yellow as it sounds :) ... juuust enough to disappear lid discoloration. Helps beautifully with both the oily-lids thing plus the crepe-y lids thing, so of course it does keep shadow on longer. I've been comparing Lemon Drop with UD's highly-recc'd 'primer potion' for a few weeks. Both are really good but must say I prefer the TF. Thought I'd mention this in case it's on some sort of special at t... Continue Reading


Re: fragrance lovers -- anyone ever tried one of these...? ..

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Hi katkitty -- Have you tried any of them? Was wondering about any 'personal' reaction to/ opinion of/ description of any of them (esp. the Vetiver & the Rose) -- and any 'personal' experience re lasting power ... or, 'lack thereof' :) --------------------- BTW -- They're sold by a large Canadian dept. store chain. In the US, full sizes are sold by Lord & Taylor , & sample 'decants' at The Perfumed Court website. Last edited on 3/14/2013 Continue Reading


Re: fragrance lovers -- anyone ever tried one of these...? ..

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Hi Retired08! ... As far as I know, the company has only four fragrances. I think the 'full names' of the 2 I mentioned above are Vetiver of Haiti, & Noble Rose of Afghan -- & the other 2, if I recall correctly, are Middle East Peace, & Afghan Orange Blossom. Continue Reading


fragrance lovers -- anyone ever tried one of these...? ..

Last Reply by katkitty 1363288092.957 | Started by mizmolly in Beauty Banter

----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- Four different fragrances, from The 7 Virtues Beauty Inc. Interesting Canadian company with something of a 'mission / philosophy'. It has a website but I first noticed the fragrances at theperfumedcourt dot com All 4 sound lovely but 2 I was most interested in = Vetiver, & Noble Rose. Continue Reading


Re: Hi I'm beauty junkie,thread killer!!

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Hi y'all ladieeeez! Desertdi : So nice to know sommmmebody knows sommmething about sommme place not TOO awfully far from our Rural Wilds... :). Yep, Monti's a real stunner. Argyll : Thanks for mentioning you successfully returned something to a drugstore --- particularly Walgreen's as that's fairly new to our 'local area' so I haven't bought any cosmetics there yet. Never had a single problem returning cosmetics to CVS or RiteAid which have been in the local area -- for us that's about 15 miles away! -- since well before we moved there. ... Even though I've always had the d/s receipt, pr... Continue Reading


Re: Shame on you Baby Lips Coral Crush!

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Not sure here but just assuming you do want 'some' color but more like 'sheer' color...? If so, Maybelline Color Whisper might be worth a try (at least it's relatively inexpensive / easy to find). Continue Reading

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