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Re: Fringe Handbags

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you do not think I will look foolish Continue Reading


Fringe Handbags

Last Reply by conlt 1429928523.24 | Started by rockydog1 in All About Handbags

I love fringe on handbags. I am 60years ok am I too old?? Will I look stupid? Continue Reading


Re: knit, liquid knit, poly, and always spandex

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iTA i not buy anything polyester no matter how cute, even linea is doing poly. It makes me laugh when the designer talks about how great a fabric it is. I think poly looks cheap, Continue Reading


Re: Any really good mysteries?

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If you like historical fiction, time travel, violence and romance try OUTLANDER Continue Reading


Re: Did you go to Charm School?

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John Robert Powers Modeling school in Pasadena Ca. They taught a make under class. Had to toss my false lashes. Continue Reading


Re: TRISH McEvoy's Next Apperance on HSN

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I buy all my Trish on Ebay. I always get good deals and free shipping. Continue Reading



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I am a baby boomer and some of the styles scream matronly. It is just insulting. Continue Reading



Last Reply by GoodStuff 1421683231.59 | Started by rockydog1 in Fashion Talk

cool it with all the polyester and please how about some lower neck v necks and scoop neck dresses and tops. It is polyester that gives home shopping a back rep. IMHO Continue Reading


Re: eBay question for buyers...

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I buy on ebay quite a bit. Love ebay. You do not have to worry, there are safeguards in place to protect buyer and sellers Continue Reading

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